Aqua Security Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

Protects your entire stack, on any cloud, across VMs, containers, and serverless

Solution Overview

Aqua Security enables Alibaba Cloud customers to securely build, scale and automate cloud native applications as well as ensure that controls, configurations and account settings across their environments conform to security best practices and compliance requirements.

Aqua facilitates security and DevOps collaboration for the cloud native journey, embeds security and assurance into Alibaba Cloud build and artifact pipelines, validates and remediates Alibaba Cloud infrastructure configurations, and protects workloads at runtime - including detecting malware, unauthorized changes to images, code injection and supply chain attacks.

Product Architecture

The Aqua Platform is the leading Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) and provides prevention, detection, and response automation across the entire application lifecycle to secure the supply chain, secure cloud infrastructure and secure running workloads wherever they are deployed.

Aqua customers are among the world’s largest enterprises in financial services, software, media, manufacturing and retail, with implementations across a broad range of cloud providers and modern technology stacks spanning containers, serverless functions and cloud VMs.

Highlight Architecture

With native support for a range of Alibaba Cloud compute, container and security services, the Aqua integrated platform provides contextual information that drives more effective security and risk mitigation as part of the shared responsibility model.

“Shift left” security into the CI/CD pipeline, get full visibility into the security posture of your pipeline and reduce the application attack surface before application deployment.

The Complete Cloud Native Security Platform

Accelerate development by detecting security issues in your artifacts early and shortening time to remediate.

Enforce compliance across the stack, gain real-time visibility and control over your security posture.

Protect applications in runtime using a zero-trust model, with granular controls that accurately detect and stop attacks.

Solution Highlight

  • Secure the Build

    Release and update software at DevOps speed with security automation. Detect vulnerabilities and malware early and fix them fast, and allow only safe artifacts to progress through your CI/CD pipeline.

    •Vulnerability Scanning
    •Dynamic Threat Analysis (DTA)
    •Automating DevSecOps
    •Supply Chain Security (Secure SBOM)

  • Secure the Infrastructure

    Deploy your cloud native applications on any infrastructure while ensuring that cloud services, orchestration and hosts are securely configured and in compliance.

    •Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
    •Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM)
    •Compliance and Risk: reporting and remediation
    •Admission Control and zero-trust enablement

  • Secure the Workloads

    Detect and block policy violations in your workloads using granular controls that are natively architected to provide the optimal response, at scale.

    •Container / Serverless / VM Security
    •Drift-prevention without profiling
    •Cloud Workload Protection (CWPP)
    •Cloud Native Detection and Response (CNDR)

Customer Reference Improves Security and Operational Efficiency with Aqua, with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, offers internet services that enhance online access to information. serves a diverse group of clients with product offerings supporting multiple markets.

Problem Overview
• Needed to increase speed of delivery through use of containers and cloud services without sacrificing security.
• Needed to support Kubernetes on-premise as well as in cloud environments (hybrid cloud).
• Threats were bypassing static container scanning and could still emerge in runtime post deployment

With Aqua, had the perfect solution for their Kubernetes environments:
• Works seamlessly with their CI/CD pipeline
• Provides automated security
• Scans for any vulnerabilities during the build phase
• Ensures container image integrity in their operating environment
• Deploys easily on Kubernetes clusters for runtime security
• Secures Linux and Windows environments
• Realizes support through a local certified Aqua partner


Improve operational efficiency 6x

Provide a robust and consistent security response

Employ security that is effective and easier to manage

Confidently detect vulnerabilities in images

Ensure security throughout Operations

Eliminate human error when addressing security tasks

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