Alauda Container Platform Solution on Alibaba Cloud

An on-premise Cloud Native platform for accelerating enterprise digital transformation

Solution Architecture

Alauda Container Platform (ACP) empowers enterprises to adopt Cloud Native technologies, including application modernlization, microservices architecture, continuous delivery and DevOps.

The platform includes cloud native related modules which are Container Platform/Microservice Application Platform/DevOps Platform/Data Services and Middleware Platform.

Solution Highlights

  • Application-oriented

    Provide advanced infra to develop and maintain applications.Cover the entire lifecycle of an application.

  • Full-stack & Out-of-the-box

    Provide infra, application frameworks, data services, and DevOps tools.Provide full-stack and out-of-the-box features.

  • Cloud Native & Open Source

    Provide best practices for cloud native technologies.Facilitate enterprise digital transformation.

  • Simplified Delivery, Auto O&M

    Use the container-native architecture across the platform.Support fast deployment, auto O&M, and continuous upgrades.

  • Hybrid & Multi-cloud Mgmt

    Run on top of K8s and use K8s as the control plane.Provide a container-native hybrid cloud solution.

  • Open, Agile, Scalable

    Adopt a flexible architecture to interface with enterprise systems.Support scalable and customizable platforms.

Why Should You Choose Us

Nowadays, traditional enterprises are facing the impact of emerging business models. Driven by the wave of digital transformation, the business needs for agility, flexibility,personalization, and intelligence have become prominent.

Architecture Management

ACP provides standard K8s architecture and compatibility with third-party K8s architectures and OpenShift.

Application Management

Facilitate developing cloud native applications.
Meet the requirements of application lifecycle mgmt. in all scenarios.


Transform custom DevOps demands to standardized products. Enterprises can create built-in DevOps pipelines and integrate DevOps toolchains to meet business requirements.

Application Architecture

Adopt the cloud native application architecture, and help enterprises deploy and configure Spring Cloud and Service Mesh.

Data Services

Provide cloud native data services to help enterprises work with open source products, including mainstream data services and middleware.

IT Governance

Provide comprehensive IT governance capabilities ,Seamlessly interface with ITIL and ITSM systems of enterprises to facilitate AIOps transformation.

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