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ADVANCE.AI is Southeast Asia's leading provider of digital identity verification,
KYC/KYB, AML, compliance, and risk management solutions.


ADVANCE.AI is Southeast Asia's leading provider of digital identity verification, KYC/KYB, AML, compliance, and risk management solutions. Headquartered in Singapore, it currently partners 700+ enterprise clients across banking, financial services, fintech, payment, retail and e-commerce sectors.

ADVANCE.AI specializes in providing AI-powered solutions for digital identity verification, credit scoring, fraud detection, and other fintech solutions that help organisations meet regulatory compliance. ADVANCE.AI's digital identity verification solution uses components including but not limited to ID Document Verification, Liveness Detection, Face Comparison, and biometric anti-fraud technologies, to verify the identity of individuals applying for financial products or services. This helps businesses prevent identity fraud and ensures compliance with regulations.

ADVANCE.AI’s One-Stop Platform is an end-to-end orchestration platform that helps businesses fulfil KYC and AML obligations, in a low-code/no-code environment, while maintaining compliance with regulations.

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Customer Success Stories

Allo Bank

With that in mind, ADVANCE.AI worked with Allo Bank to set up our easy-to-implement eKYC process for the Allo Bank app as a first step in the partnership.

Our partnership with Allo Bank focuses on its objective to grow the future of digital banking in Indonesia. So, unlike many tech solution providers that only report on solution performance, ADVANCE.AI is constantly optimising the banking experience with Allo Bank whether it's brainstorming on removing friction in customer journeys, developing better customer acquisition strategies or keeping up with changing regulatory requirements.


In June 2021 as part of business growth plans, Bukalapak wanted to move towards an automated eKYC process by ADVANCE AI, thus beginning our partnership. Since the partnership started, Bukalapak has achieved a 75% automated verification process.

An automated eKYC process not only eliminates manual labour, but also helps to reduce human error as well as friction and overall onboarding time; all of which contribute to better business efficiencies from operations and processes to resources costs.


MONIX's mission to make its innovative financial platform accessible to all Thais was one of the reasons it chose ADVANCE.AI in May 2021 as its eKYC verification partner.

Being able to reduce barriers to its products with fast verification during onboarding was a key consideration for MONIX when selecting an eKYC provider. Ensuring that MONIX can offer a secure and compliant onboarding process following Thailand's eKYC regulatory requirements was just as essential.
And in less than a month of integration with ADVANCE.AI, MONIX was already onboarding new customers for its FINNIX products: FINNIX Ignite, offering personal loans; and FINNIX Bewinged, which offers nano loans.


Nanovest's focus on making investment accessible extends to its user experience. Its entire trading experience is designed around new investors, starting with easy and secure onboarding using ADVANCE.AI's ID optical character recognition (OCR) and Liveness Detection technology. Each user simply verifies his/her identity with Kartu Tanda Penduduk (KTP or identity card) followed by video verification using a mobile phone camera.

ADVANCE.AI's solution and tech efficacy may have been part of the vendor selection criteria, but what set us apart and won Nanovest's trust is our team's dedication to deliver on Nanovest's mission.

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