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Alibaba Cloud at MWC19 Barcelona

February 25-28 | Fira Barcelona Gran Via
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Analytics and intelligence are disrupting and reconstructing the landscape and infrastructure of today’s businesses.
In the ever-changing digitalized world, Alibaba Cloud sustains the transformation of the Alibaba Digital Economy with its intelligence capabilities and exports these technologies to empower businesses globally.




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Summit Agenda

Keynote speeches will be given by executives of Alibaba Cloud, followed by a series of panel discussions among partners, clients, and analysts. Together explore the unlimited possibilities for using intelligence to discover the unknowns of tomorrow.


Our Speakers and Experts that you can expect to meet at our events.

Yeming Wang
Business President, Alibaba Cloud EMEA
Joining Alibaba Cloud in Aug 2016, he takes on oversight of Alibaba Cloud EMEA business.
Henry Zhang
Chief Product Officer, Alibaba Cloud International
Henry is the Chief Product Officer for Alibaba Cloud International and oversees the product vision, strategy, and go-to-market for Alibaba Cloud in global markets.
Xuan Jin
Lead Solution Architect and Technology Evangelist, Alibaba Cloud EMEA
Xuan Jin is the Lead Solution Architect and Technology Evangelist at Alibaba Cloud EMEA.
Dr. Wanli Min
Chief Machine Intelligence Scientist, Alibaba Cloud
Dr. Wanli Min received Ph.D in Statistics from The University of Chicago. He joined Alibaba Group in 2013 to build a data scientist team for e-commerce platform. Since 2015, he has been leading Alibaba Cloud's efforts on big data and AI for Industry and developed ET Brain series in City, Industry, Agriculture, Aviation and Environment.
Tom Day
Director of Innovation for Market Gravity, Deloitte
Tom Day is Director of Innovation for Market Gravity, a Deloitte business.

Tom has built innovation capabilities and labs in multiple sectors, including travel, finance, retail and insurance.
Simone Warren
Director (UKI and Nordics), Alibaba Cloud
Simone Warren is a Director at Alibaba Cloud for the UK, Ireland & Nordics region. Simone has over 23 years of consulting experience within the IT industry, specialising in the development of disruptive Cloud and Data Centre innovation for Digital Transformation.
Xianglong Huang
Vice President, CTO, Whale Cloud
Xianglong Huang holds a Doctorate Degree from University of Texas, Austin.

He has served as Alibaba Cloud Cloud Computing Expert, Senior Engineer of Amazon AWS, major author and founding team member of DynamoDB.
Ms. Jinsook Han
Managing Director of growth and strategy for Accenture AI, Accenture Global
Jinsook Han leads strategy development and investments and acquisitions and is responsible for prioritizing and incubating select strategic capabilities.
Yuhong Huang
Deputy General Manger of China Mobile Research Institute
Yuhong Huang graduated from Beijing University of Post and Telecom and joined China Mobile in 1996. Now she is the Deputy General Manger of China Mobile Research Institute. Huang now leads the research and standardization work of LTE evolution and 5G. She is a board member of NGMN and the Secretary-General of Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI). She won 21 awards of provincial level.
Marcus Bergström
General Manager of EdgeGravity by Ericsson
Marcus Bergström heads up EdgeGravity by Ericsson (EG) since Sept 1st, 2017. The Edge Gravity Unified Delivery Network is Ericsson's live edge cloud platform, built in partnership with broadband service providers to deliver the next generation of edge scale applications from targeted industry verticals.

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February 25th – 28th, 1A70, Hall 1

We will be showcasing the intelligent technology landscape and its real cases in Alibaba Group’s New Retail scenarios, Whale Cloud’s facilitation of telecom operators’ digital transformation, and our cooperation with our ecosystem partners.

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