Global Accelerator Special Offers

Purchase now to enjoy up to 90% off discount and Fill out an application for GA free trial of and more offers!
*offer valid until July 31, 2020

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Limited time offers

*Both Global Accelerator Instance and Bandwidth Plans are required to provide the Global Accelerator service


Free Trial

A one-month free trial of
• Small I and small II Global Accelerator instances
• 2-4 Mb basic bandwidth plans
• Cross-border bandwidth plans

First Purchase


90% off

Instance Small 1 type

The original price before discount is USD 165.00/month

Price after Discount

USD 16.00/month

Instance Small 2 type

The original price before the discount is USD 315.00/month.

Price after Discount

USD 240.00 /month

Bandwidth Plans

A subscription for 1-2 years is provided with a 15% discount. A subscription for 3-5 years is provided with a 25% discount.

Please fill out the application form and contact us for a greater discount on bulk orders of the bandwidth plan.

Minimum Price

USD 540. 00/year

Webinar: Global Accelerator
Cross-region Solution for Global Consumer Access

In today’s global world, it is imperative to reach your consumers where they are and create smooth access to your services. Global Accelerator is one such product which can help accelerate access to your app/services for end-users in any part of the world including China. No matter where your services are hosted, Global Accelerator can help you speed up your services based on Alibaba Cloud’s highly reliable, ultra-low transmission and congestion-free global network in less than 30 mins.

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Should you have any questions about these special offers, please kindly let us know. The offers are available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Korea, and the Philippines only.