Community Blog Visualizing COVID-19: How DataV Helps Monitor and Minimize Risk

Visualizing COVID-19: How DataV Helps Monitor and Minimize Risk

Learn how the DataV data visualization tool empowers businesses to tackle the scale and complexity of global health emergencies and respond appropriately.

Data visualization is a vital weapon in the fight against any public health emergency. It helps the relevant parties imagine the scale and complexity of the threat, implement the appropriate control measures, and monitor their effect to minimize the impact of the disease.

For businesses, data visualization is a powerful tool, helping you understand the impact an epidemic will have on your organization, and build a picture of the threat so you can respond. However, for many businesses, the scale and complexity of the data required to run accurate visualizations can make it unfeasible to implement the required infrastructure.

This is where Alibaba's DataV data visualization tool can help. Using this cloud-based solution, businesses can easily understand the relationships, patterns and trends of the current Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) by generating professional and data-rich visuals.

DataV can pull together disparate and dynamic information sources, monitoring the public health situation during the outbreak of COVID-19, integrating this information with your own corporate data.

For example, an online retailer could create an outbreak timeline, which details how the disease has evolved over the last few weeks in their location. This information could be integrated with its sales records to understand how consumer spending habits have changed as the disease has developed.

The DataV real-time business and operation data monitoring tools can also provide your business with early warnings, allowing you to rapidly respond to the changing face of the COVID-19 threat. Coupled with our AI-enabled tools, your organization can also carry out interactive data analysis to predict how the disease will continue to affect your business.

As a result, your organization can visualize its internal information in real-time, enabling efficient data analysis, and delivering real-time insights to drive rapid and informed decisions. This, in turn, ensures the transparent sharing of information while enhancing team cohesion when faced with the COVID-19 threat.

Intuitive Experiences

The majority of DataV's features are implemented with a few mouse clicks, allowing you to create professional visualizations with limited programming skills thanks to the tool's easy-to-use configuration widgets and intuitive interface.

Using DataV's live dashboards, you can leverage a wide range of templates for all types of data visualization scenarios in just a few minutes. This includes real-time monitoring and geographic analysis, all of which require minimal customization, so you can design and render high-quality visuals without the aid of a designer.

This information could be presented in a vast range of formats thanks to DataV's comprehensive set of widgets, which include column and bar charts, flat maps with 3D effects, a 3D globe, and other such charts and graphics.

By visualizing your data in the digital domain, DataV provides your business with a highly effective and responsive means to respond to the COVID-19 threat. To find out more about DataV, please click here.

While continuing to wage war against the worldwide outbreak, Alibaba Cloud will play its part and will do all it can to help others in their battles with the coronavirus. Learn how we can support your business continuity at https://www.alibabacloud.com/campaign/supports-your-business-anytime

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