Community Blog Using Function Compute and Fun to Configure and Deploy the CDN Trigger

Using Function Compute and Fun to Configure and Deploy the CDN Trigger

We will learn how to use Function Compute and Fun to configure and deploy the CDN trigger and see how fast Alibaba Cloud CDN service is.

Background Information

First, there's Function Compute, an event-driven service that lets users write and upload code without having to worry about server health or other variables. Function Compute anticipates and auto-scales the sum of computational resources used to execute user code. Only the resources needed to execute the user's code are charged.

Then there's Fun, which is a serverless application deployment platform that makes it simple to handle resources including Function Compute, API Gateway, and Log Service. By defining defined resources in the template.yml file, you can use Fun to create, construct, and deploy resources.

Last, there's also the concept of a Content Delivery Network. In this article, we will be specifically concerned with the Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN), which is Alibaba Cloud's version of this service - which most cloud provider provide nowadays. This service can be understood as providing a distributed network that is built on and overlays with the bearer network, and which also is composed of edge node server clusters distributed across different regions. CDN replaces the traditional data transmission model based on Web Servers, and rather, specifically in our case, it stores resources on the source stations to Alibaba Cloud edge servers closer to your specific region to allow users quickly obtain resources nearby. This improves the user experience and reduces the burden on the source stations.

Read this tutorial to learn about the procedure details.

In the following two blogs, we will measure the speed and performance of Alibaba Cloud's CDN service.

How Fast Is Alibaba Cloud CDN: An In-Depth Performance Analysis

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the performance factors of Alibaba Cloud's CDN service by region by measuring object and web page load time.

Alibaba Cloud CDN provides excellent network performance and UX quality, and has a local and temporal distribution of response time. In particular, it can be seen that the response time in China is greatly improved with our CDN product. We are constantly increasing the number of nodes in various countries around the world, so our customers can expect better response times globally.

Performance Test for CDN Evaluation with WebPageTest

When evaluating the performance of a CDN or a current website, you may need to measure it directly without any tools. In this article, I will describe how to perform these tests for a website with the WebPageTest tool.

If you want to check your web site performance before or after using CDN, WebPageTest tool will be helpful as an instant test. Synthetic monitoring tool is good for checking up site availability and performance trend by geo location, but the price is quite expensive. There are free and cool tools with good quality like WebPageTest, so just try to find more useful clues on your website.

Related Products

Function Compute

Alibaba Cloud Function Compute is a fully managed, event-driven compute service. Function Compute allows you to focus on writing and uploading code without having to manage infrastructure such as servers. Function Compute provides compute resources to run code flexibly and reliably. Additionally, Function Compute provides a generous amount of free resources. No fees are incurred for up to 1,000,000 invocations and 400,000 CU-second compute resources per month.

Content Delivery Network

You can use content delivery network (CDN) to deliver content to users from the nodes that are nearest to them, accelerating the response to user requests and increasing the response rate. CDN also resolves the delivery latency problem that is usually caused by distribution, bandwidth, and server performance issues. CDN has been applied in multiple scenarios, including site acceleration, on-demand streaming, and live streaming.

Related Documentation

Brief introduction to Alibaba Cloud CDN

This topic introduces Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) and its metering methods. For more information, see the "References" section in this topic. For more information about how to get started with Alibaba Cloud CDN and the basic features of this service, continue with the topics in this chapter.

Features of Alibaba Cloud CDN

In the Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) console, you can configure domain names and perform other basic operations. You can also view resource monitoring data and analyze data in real time. The Alibaba Cloud CDN console provides you with your billing information and allows you to change the billing method based on your business requirements. This topic describes the layout of the Alibaba Cloud CDN console and the domain management features of Alibaba Cloud CDN.

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