Community Blog The Importance of Alibaba Cloud Security Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Importance of Alibaba Cloud Security Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This short article explains why online security has become more important since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By I Gede Peri Arista

The increase of digital transactions during the COVID-19 pandemic must be balanced with perfect digital security. Cloud computing technology is currently increasingly favored by the public, especially business people. This is a demand for people that are increasingly aware of their digital security platforms because of the work from home and social distancing policies. This moment is a step forward for the community in carrying out digital transformation so that community activities can continue online. This condition must be supported by the best digital services and perfect security.

This positive thing must be mutually supported by all stakeholders especially the government. The policy umbrella must be prepared appropriately and carefully so cloud services can provide maximum benefits to answer the needs of the community in conducting digital transactions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Indonesia welcomed cloud services because it provides security and convenience during digital transactions.

Cloud services are currently the main choice for someone with a startup business or a business person with limited capital to run and develop a business. This service will reduce the company's initial investment. Companies only need to rent services from cloud providers and will not incur maintenance costs. Service providers must maintain the security of cloud-based technology services properly.

Companies must be able to create a conducive investment climate and be able to maintain consumer confidence in the products and services offered by implementing digital security. If a data leak occurs, it will affect the company's branding and the trust of consumers.

Alibaba Cloud was established in 2009. From that moment, Alibaba has analyzed the dynamics of consumers that are increasingly developing towards digital. Interest in the cloud is increasingly popular and increasing rapidly. The growth of the cloud is increasing rapidly.

Security services on Alibaba Cloud will be able to reduce the burden on companies in preventing cybercrime and cyberthreats. The various security provided by Alibaba Cloud includes the following:

  • Application security is the foremost bulwark in protecting customer applications on the web. This section is very important to be able to mitigate customer data.
  • Data security is an important aspect to maintain customer convenience and trust. Data security is an action that must be taken to secure customer data to avoid the threat of cybercrime.
  • Platform security is an aspect of a combination of hardware and software systems. A good platform will provide high security for customers. In this case, Alibaba Cloud is trying to provide convenience and security for customers using the platform to avoid cybercrimes.
  • Account security is the most important thing. Good account security will maintain customer interest in the services provided. Alibaba Cloud will provide perfect account security services so it can help customers in conducting digital transaction activities.
  • Cloud services will help operational services and allow the presence of new products to increase innovation. The convenience that Alibaba Cloud brings will help established businesses digitally transform.

Finally, regardless of the security system, all stakeholders, especially Alibaba Cloud, will continue to contribute and work toward maintaining digital security. Cyber policy may be important, but the role of maintaining data security cannot be overlooked. Service providers must ensure the confidentiality of customer data and assure customers that security risks can be managed with well-planned risk management.

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