Community Blog Store Huge Amounts of Structured and Semi-Structured Data with Alibaba Cloud Tablestore

Store Huge Amounts of Structured and Semi-Structured Data with Alibaba Cloud Tablestore

This short article explains the benefits of Alibaba Cloud Tablestore.

Tablestore: What Is It?

Tablestore is a low-cost, serverless table-based storage service specially optimized for storing large amounts of structured data. It enables customers to query and retrieve online data within one second and perform multidimensional analysis on stored data. There are many scenarios where Tablestore is suitable, including billing, instant messaging, the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Vehicles, risk control, and intelligent recommendation. Tablestore provides a highly optimized, one-stop storage solution for IoT applications.

Alibaba Cloud Tablestore

Alibaba Cloud Tablestore is a fully NoSQL cloud database service that lets you store massive amounts of structured and semi-structured data. It is built on Alibaba Cloud's Apsara distributed computing system, which is highly available and reliable.

Tablestore enables seamless expansion of data size and concurrent access to massive, structured data through data sharding and server load balancers.

Tablestore provides low-cost, low-latency, and high-concurrency storage and online access to massive data and incremental and full data tunnels with SQL direct read and write support on MaxCompute and other big data analysis platforms.

You can use Tablestore to store IM messages and social feed stream information like comments, likes, and follow-up posts. A single table can store petabytes of data without requiring multiple databases and tables, which simplifies service logic. Tablestore can easily store and process time series data from IoT devices and monitoring systems.

Why Alibaba Cloud Tablestore?

Alibaba Cloud Tablestore supports table-level and API-level authentication and authorization mechanisms, STS temporary authorization, custom permission authentication, and primary and sub-accounts. In addition to multidimensional and multi-level data security protection, it provides resource access management capabilities to ensure data protection.

Tablestore provides network resource access management and Internet, ECS intranet, and VPC private network access. It enables customers to use standard RESTful APIs and multilingual SDKs and supports multi-version data and TTL features.

Tablestore provides unlimited data storage and access concurrency through its distributed architecture, automated server load balancers, and hot-spot migration mechanisms. It supports a wide variety of big data platforms and real-time stream computing platforms and provides powerful data analysis capabilities with PK auto-incrementing columns and streaming read.

If you have a large number of historical transaction orders, Tablestore makes it easy for you to handle high data volumes and high access performance.

Benefits of Alibaba Cloud Tablestore

  • High Reliability: It provides three copies of data with high consistency, full host, and high database reliability.
  • Low-Cost: It works on a pay-as-you-go billing model and does not require additional maintenance costs.
  • Highly Elastic: Distributed architecture, auto-scaling for all tables, support for 10-PB data, and support for 10-million concurrent accesses
  • Easy to Analyze: It allows seamless integration with a wide range of big data analysis and real-time stream computing products.

How Can Click2Cloud Help You Leverage Alibaba Cloud Tablestore?

Due to the intensification of technology, adopting new technologies for cloud storage helps enterprises boost their business. Moving to cloud storage for better productivity is somewhat beneficial and trending in today’s digital era. However, in reality, deploying a workload across the cloud has become a tedious process for IT administrators.

Click2Cloud provides a framework for unified storage control and addresses storage integration challenges. Clouds Brain (powered by Click2Cloud) assists with migrating/storing massive amounts of data to Tablestore regardless of the size and complexity of the source infrastructure.

Click2Cloud can synchronize data between Tablestore and other Alibaba Cloud services, such as Object Storage Service (OSS).

Cloud Intel (Click2Cloud’s assessment platform) helps perform multidimensional analysis on a huge volume of data. Click2Cloud enables you to query and retrieve online data easily within a short period by leveraging Tablestore data storage.

Click2Cloud helps avail the Tablestore data storage service built on Apsara Stack with the help of its standard procedures and automation tools to reduce the cost. These features help improve consistency and efficiency and ensure your security.


Alibaba Cloud Tablestore is a fully managed NoSQL cloud database service that can store massive amounts of structured and semi-structured data.

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