Community Blog Get Shared Access to Files with Alibaba Cloud File Storage NAS

Get Shared Access to Files with Alibaba Cloud File Storage NAS

This short article defines cloud file storage and the benefits of Alibaba Cloud File Storage NAS.

What Is Cloud File Storage?

File storage is a method of storing data on the cloud that provides servers and applications with access to data through shared file systems. As a result, cloud storage can be used with workloads that rely on shared file systems, and integration can be achieved easily without modifying code. Multiple users can gain access to a common set of files in the cloud with the help of file storage. It is a hierarchical storage system that provides shared access to users who can create, modify, read, write, delete, and organize them logically in a directory. File storage is extremely useful for sharing content across multiple servers.

Alibaba Cloud File Storage NAS

Alibaba Cloud File Storage NAS is a cloud file storage service that provides file storage solutions for Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, Elastic High-Performance Computing (E-HPC) instances, and Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) clusters. NAS is a distributed file storage solution that provides various benefits, such as shared access, scalability, high reliability, and high performance.

Alibaba Cloud File Storage NAS provides standard file access protocols, so you do not have to modify existing applications. This enables you to have a distributed file system with unlimited capacity and performance scaling, with a single namespace, multi-party sharing, high reliability, and high availability.

Why Alibaba Cloud File Storage NAS?

  • It provides high performance and low network latency based on the RoCE and NVMe SSDs.
  • It maintains low latency and high IOPS based on the distributed storage system.
  • It avoids a single point of failure and maintains data availability.
  • It provides unlimited storage capacity.
  • It supports standard POSIX interfaces. There is no need to make changes to your applications.
  • It supports various standard protocols, such as NFS and SMB protocols.
  • It provides strong security and multiple access methods.

How Can Click2Cloud Help Store Files on Alibaba Cloud File Storage NAS?

There's a vast amount of file-based data in the world. Click2Cloud provides a fully managed file system solution that helps you easily address the diverse needs of your file-based applications and workloads.

Click2Cloud's Clouds Brain helps store files on Alibaba Cloud File Storage using NFA or Network File Storage. Clouds Brain enables organizations to create file shares from Alibaba Cloud File Storage and mount the same file shares on virtual machines. If proper Access Control Lists (ACLs) permissions are granted, all users can access these files from Cloud File Storage.


Alibaba Cloud provides a simple, scalable, on-demand, and reliable network-attached file storage service. You can securely and reliably access files and scale or shrink storage as required.

Get shared access to files with the Alibaba Cloud File Storage NAS today!

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