Community Blog Discover how Alibaba Cloud's Core Systems Supported One of the Greatest Traffic Peaks in the History of the Internet

Discover how Alibaba Cloud's Core Systems Supported One of the Greatest Traffic Peaks in the History of the Internet

Learn how Alibaba Cloud was able to support this year's Double 11 and withstand one of the greatest traffic peaks in Internet history.

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This year's Double 11 Shopping Festival on Tmall

Had RMB 10 Billion of Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) in 96 Seconds

The World's Highest Traffic Peak

And 544,000 Orders Per Second during Peak Periods

Alibaba's Core Systems

Were 100% Running on the Public Cloud

We did it! We Made It!


See the Impressive Technologies behind This Year's Double 11

Alibaba is the world's first Internet giant to run 100% of its core systems on the public cloud.

"Not just any cloud provider is powerful enough to support the traffic seen at the scale you see with Double 11. In China, you've only got two choices when it comes to cloud, Alibaba Cloud and 'the other ones.'" On the evening of November 11, Alibaba Group CTO Jeff Jianfeng Zhang also said, "Alibaba Cloud is different. Ten years ago, we put down the first line of code for Apsara, making China's only proprietary cloud operating system."

The 2019 Double 11 Shopping Festival set a world record with an astonishing 544,000 orders per second during peak periods and a whopping 970 petaatype data processing volume for the 24-hour span of the big promotional event. During Double 11 this year, with 100% of Alibaba's core systems running on the public cloud, the infrastructure successfully handled and fully supported one of the world's greatest traffic peaks in the history of the Internet.

Jeff Jianfeng Zhang, CTO of Alibaba Group and President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

"When it comes to cloud computing technology, Alibaba's like an airplane flying at turbo speed that's equipped with a brand-new engine." According to Jeff Zhang, Alibaba Cloud is the first public cloud provider to deploy its core systems with trillion-scale workloads in the public cloud. "Many companies happen to not deploy their own business systems on their public cloud systems, but Alibaba is different and plans to eventually migrate all our systems to Alibaba Cloud," he added.

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This incredible challenge was tackled by using multiple leading technologies developed in-house at Alibaba Group. But, specifically, which technologies supported this formidable traffic peak anyway? And what new technological breakthroughs has Alibaba Group made during this year's Double 11 Shopping Festival? The following articles will reveal the amazing secrets behind this year's Double 11 Shopping Festival.

Check out Alibaba's Big Double 11 Bash and See How Alibaba's Revolutionizing E-Commerce

This year marks the 11th anniversary of the Double 11 Shopping Festival, and Alibaba engineers have great confidence in Alibaba's host of new and powerful technologies. Every year, the record-breaking GMV of Double 11 has been backed by many one-of-a-kind and world-leading technologies, many of which are even more impressive than the playfully clad and colorfully decorated Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou. This article will take you through the leading technologies and latest technical innovations that made this year's Double 11 so special and such a success.

Double 11 Is the Proof Nothing's Impossible

RMB 10 billion in one minute and 36 seconds, RMB 30 billion in five minutes and 25 seconds, and RMB 50 billion in twelve minutes and 49 seconds... Without the Double 11 Shopping Festival, it would have possibly taken another 20 years for China's Internet technology to develop to its current level. The Double 11 Shopping Festival has always been one of the best testing grounds for the new technologies unleased at Alipay. This year, Ant Financial débuted its own financial-grade service mesh cloud-native cluster, the world's largest of its kind, and the use of GaeBase in the graph computing used to back Ant Check Later in support of achieving record "China speeds" during this year's Double 11.

Learn More about the Impressive Technologies behind Alibaba's Double 11 Global Shopping Festival

To power the ultra-scale shopping event that is Double 11 and protect the online safety and security of the countless businesses and shoppers that visit Alibaba's various e-commerce platforms, Alibaba Cloud provides an extensive suite of cloud products, services and solutions. Read this whitepaper to learn more about this impressive portfolio and see how your business can leverage Alibaba Cloud's products and services to stand out, compete, and succeed not only on big days like November 11 but also on any other day throughout the year.

Leverage Alibaba Cloud's E-Commerce Platforms and Promotions to Grow Your Business

Read this whitepaper to see how Alibaba Cloud's various e-commerce platforms and ultra-scale promotional events like 11.11 and 6.18 are helping provide small- to medium-sized businesses throughout China and even all around the world a massive opportunity that not only boosts their bottom line but also helps them to compete with some of the world's biggest brands on the global e-commerce stage.

Unveiling the Secrets Behind Alibaba's Full-scale Stress Testing for Double 11

Comprehensive stress testing is an important technology at Alibaba. In this article, we're going to look into some of the major shopping events and promotions, including 11.11 and 6.18, on Alibaba's various e-commerce platforms from several different, specific technical aspects, like job content, operational processes, and running summaries. Through this article, we want to show you how the complete stress testing process works at Alibaba, so that you, too, can carry out better performance tests yourself.

See How ApsaraVideo Helped Make Record-Breaking Sales during Lazada's Super Show and Live Shopping Events

With the help of Alibaba Cloud ApsaraVideo, Taobao's live shopping module has been brought to several markets outside of mainland China so that live streaming could take central stage as part of the Double 11 festivities throughout several southeast Asian countries. Read on to see how Alibaba Cloud supported record-breaking live stream viwership numbers, hosted some fun entertainment venues, and helped some local brands cash in.

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