Community Blog Purchasing an Affordable Virtual Private Server for Your Web Apps: An Intro to Light Space

Purchasing an Affordable Virtual Private Server for Your Web Apps: An Intro to Light Space

This article gives an overview of Alibaba Cloud Light Space and Simple Application Server and a quick guide on how to create a virtual private server.

By Justin Cook and Pablo Puig

What Is Light Space?

Alibaba Cloud offers a dynamic asset known as Light Space for users that need a lightweight turn-key virtual private server (VPS). Starting from $19.90 for the first year, this affordable VPS solution from Alibaba Cloud is an isolated cloud server that contains a cost-effective SSD powered by 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and includes multiple types of data transfer plans.

You can build Light Space in 11 Alibaba Cloud regions available worldwide, including US West (Silicon Valley), US East (Virginia), Australia (Sydney), Germany (Frankfurt), China (Hong Kong), Singapore, Indonesia (Jakarta), Japan (Tokyo), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), India (Mumbai), and UK (London). The product will be deployed in other regions in the future.

Light Space is also connected to a wide array of popular app images, such as WordPress, LAMP, Docker, Drupal, Node.js, Joomla, Ghost, OpenCart, Plesk, and cPanel, as well as OS images, including OpenSUSE, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, and Alibaba Cloud Linux. You can also select your custom image.

What Is a Simple Application Server?

Alibaba Cloud Simple Application Server (SAS) is a specific new computing solution constructed as a standalone application with elastic resources, such as networking capabilities, computing, and storage. It allows novice administrators to build a VPS cloud computing product in no time with its simplistic one-click deployment methodology. Also, one of the most critical questions comes in around Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR). Simple Application Server provides snapshots for backup strategies.

There are a variety of use cases, including the necessity of organizations to have a segregated server for compliance reasons and healthcare or financial server requirements that need dedicated virtual hardware or have stringent constraints.

Purchasing a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

The following step-by-step guide explains how to create a Virtual Private Server (VPS) using Simple Application Server (SAS) from the Alibaba Cloud console.


  • Step 2: Choose the Region where you want to deploy your application server and select the preferred Image:


  • Step 3: Choose the Instance Plan that meets your requirements and select the GB size of your Data Disk:


  • Step 4: Choose your preferred Subscription Time and enable Auto-renewal if you would like to renew your subscription to the servers automatically. Otherwise, you will have to renew them manually. Then, define the number of instances you would like to deploy under Quantity and click Buy Now:

Note: The price will vary depending on the Subscription Time. Longer subscriptions will result in lower costs.


  • Step 5: Review the configuration of your Simple Application Server instance. If everything looks good, agree to the Terms of Service and click Pay:


Once the payment process is finished, your Simple Application Server instance will be ready to use:



These lightweight solutions can be deployed and used easily without deploying the physical hosts or configuring hardware yourself. Light Space contains an SSL certificate service that allows network isolation, self-diagnosis, operational logging, access to the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace for images or public images, and a well-established API to drive deployment success exponentially.

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JustinCook September 21, 2021 at 3:15 pm

Thanks again for everyone for making this possible!

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