Community Blog Alibaba Summer of Code 2020: Leading the New Open-source Trend

Alibaba Summer of Code 2020: Leading the New Open-source Trend

Alibaba Cloud is inviting all open source enthusiasts to join Alibaba Summer of Code! Meet top open source experts and get your contributions noticed by participating in ASoC.

"Only love can withstand the test of time"

On May 25, 2020, the second annual Alibaba Summer of Code (ASoC) went live and it is now bigger than ever. This time around, we have 20 popular projects from the open-source community including Apache, Dubbo, Apache-RocketMQ, Dragonfly, Nacos, and Seata as well as 32 mentors including technical experts from the Alibaba Group, key members of the open-source community, and Apache incubator advisers. The 2020 ASoC covers hot topics such as microservices, containers, and AI. Our goal is to work with open-source communities to create a sincere and fair open-source internship platform. We hope to introduce the world to the Chinese open-source community and its developers through Alibaba's prowess in open-source technology.


Alibaba held the first ASoC in 2019 and started the trend of Chinese enterprises participating in international open-source projects. This stoked college students' enthusiasm for contributing to open-source communities. Unlike the Google Summer of Code, which is restricted by federal laws in the U.S., the ASoC has no restrictions on nationality and is open to all students in higher education over the age of 18. Undergraduate, master's, and PhD students can all apply. Applicants who pass the final evaluation receive the same stipend as an Alibaba intern and the chance to learn from Alibaba technical experts face to face.

(List of Open Source Projects)

1) Who is it for?

If you are a great coder with crazy ideas and hands-on experience, if you are someone who can reach for the stars with your feet on the ground, please apply.

2) What will you get?

  • A generous stipend
  • A valuable open-source contributor certificate
  • A once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate in top projects for the International Open Source Foundation

This is not just something to put on your resume, but the start of your journey to becoming an expert open source contributor.

(Mentors will present the trainees with their open source contributor certificates and Jia Yangqing, VP of Alibaba and head of the Alibaba Open Source Committee will deliver a speech.)

3) Timeline

ASoC 2020 starts on May 25 and ends on September 5. Participants can use their summer breaks to work on open-source projects. The entire event will take place online, without the need to meet in person.

May 25: Read the open-source project idea list and submit your proposal.

June 30: Submit yours by 00:00 on the official website.

July 07: Send confirmation emails to accepted students.

July 12: Start coding. Make sure you spend at least 40 hours per week working on the project.

August 01: Evaluate projects. Mentors will review projects with students online.

August 28: Evaluate projects again. Grading and evaluations are conducted based on multiple metrics.

August 31: Announce final results. Students are notified of their ASoC 2020 project status.

September 05: Host graduation ceremony and special surprises.

4) How do I apply?

Visit the official ASoC website and follow the instructions to fill in the application form and submit it.

Registration: https://www.alibabacloud.com/campaign/summerofcode2020. The official website will go live at 24:00 on May 25.

Note: The official website is the only place you can register. We do not accept submissions in any other form.

5) Remarks

Jia Yangqing
VP of Alibaba Group and Chairman of the Alibaba Open Source Committee

"In 2019, the number of students participating in the open-source community worldwide increased by 55% over the previous year. ASoC is fortunate to be able to work with the rising stars in computer science and code for the future."

Li Xiang
Senior Staff Engineer at Alibaba Cloud, China's first CNCF TOC, author of etcd, and Alibaba Open Source Committee TOC

"I am glad to see students participating in the ASoC. Let's build a more open, rich, and passionate open-source ecosystem. The code you write will help tens of thousands of developers and make the digital age better."

Wang Baoping (Yubo)
Researcher at Ant Financial, founder of Ant Design, and member of the Alibaba Open Source Committee

"Looking back on my 13-year career in the tech field, what has influenced me most is my participation in open source projects. In the open-source world, you get to work with the world's best programmers and discover the best version of yourself. Enough talking. Go ahead and sign up for ASoC 2020. Improve your code and your life."

Zhang Lei
Staff Engineer at Alibaba Cloud, CNCF official ambassador, and Alibaba Open Source Committee TOC

"The open-source community is a good stage for you to show the world what you are capable of. At the same time, you can learn from experts in different fields to improve your skills. The ASoC is a doorway that leads students to the world-class open-source stage."

Zhang Huxing (Wangtao)
Apache member and Apache Dubbo/Tomcat PMC member

"I am so happy that ASoC turned two this year. This is a great opportunity for open source to introduce itself to the universities and colleges and let students experience the leading open-source projects in the industry as early as possible. Combining learning and practical experience is always an excellent idea. I wish ASoC continues to do well!"

Feng Jia (Youshen)
Apache Incubator mentor, GSoC mentor, and Alibaba Open Source Committee TOC

"ASoC is the largest open-source programming competition in China available to college students. It lets you take an active part in cutting edge open-source projects, horn your technical skills, and better plan your career path."

Alibaba Cloud is proud to empower students all around the world to become the next generation of IT and cloud professionals. Alibaba Cloud also runs other technical programs, such as the introductory cloud computing training camp and the Alibaba DAMO Academy computer vision training camp, that teach students and start them on a career path. Alibaba Cloud has also launched the Alibaba Cloud for Students program, in which eligible university students will gain access to cloud computing and e-learning resources. We hope our efforts will train a new generation of talent.


We encourage you to join the ASoC family, where you will meet more open-source technology experts and like-minded partners. You contribute exciting ideas and our mentors will return the favor by teaching you their programming tricks. Summer x Code = Alibaba Summer of Code! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get started in the open-source world.

Sign Up for ASoC Now!

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5739990657914033 June 25, 2020 at 10:50 am

Thanks for this awesome program and very helpful mentors. The mentors are the best part of Asoc program. And I am looking forward to spend these two months working with them.

5739990657914033 July 6, 2020 at 4:17 pm

@admin what is exact time of the selected student announcement tomorrow?

Alibaba Clouder July 16, 2020 at 8:41 am

Hi, we have sent the results by email. Thank you.