Community Blog Preparing for "Double 11", Alibaba Cloud Provides Overall Resource Assurance Services for Enterprises

Preparing for "Double 11", Alibaba Cloud Provides Overall Resource Assurance Services for Enterprises

This article offers some tips and tools for enterprises preparing for the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival.

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Cloud computing has become the mainstream way for enterprises to use computing resources. The characteristics of high elasticity, high stability, and high-performance cloud servers can help enterprises seize the opportunity in a changing environment.

When using cloud computing services, users' demands can be disassembled into three aspects: flexibility, economy, and certainty. Users can obtain resource flexibility and economy in various scenarios by matching the existing payment methods of Alibaba Cloud elastic computing ECS. In the day-to-day business, whether cloud resources can have sufficient supply when needed is also the focus of users' attention. This is the so-called certainty.

It is a tough battle for many enterprises preparing massive resources to deal with the peak traffic, especially during Double 11 and other promotion scenarios. Recently, in response to users' certainty demands, Alibaba Cloud elastic computing launched a resource guarantee service to provide sufficient ammunition for enterprises to better prepare for Double 11.

Resource Guarantee Service, Overall Service for Diagnosis, Recommendation, and Reservation

Alibaba Cloud elastic computing (the resource assurance service of ECS) provides intelligent resource diagnosis, recommendation, resource reservation, and authorization waiting capabilities. It provides users with overall self-service resource assurance services, taking flexibility and economy into account. At the same time, it can obtain a certainty guarantee at all times so that enterprises can respond to business peaks easily.

According to Alibaba Cloud elastic computing product experts, you can access the Resource Assurance Service page through the ECS console to provide functions such as resource diagnosis, recommendation, and reservation.

  • Resource Diagnosis: The system provides a variety of Resource Management services, such as resource warning, purchase failure diagnosis and analysis, and important message reminder, based on the current user's resource usage and resource availability.
  • Resource Reservation and Recommendation: According to users' different business scenarios, existing payment methods, recent preferential information, etc., we provide appropriate resource reservation and payment method recommendation to ensure the current and future resource certainty of enterprises.
  • Alternate Authorization: Based on resource diagnosis, if there is a purchase or reservation failure due to inventory reasons, the system will recommend authorization for standby purchase automatically. After authorization, the system will replenish goods as soon as possible to ensure that users can get the required resources the first time.

Artificial Intelligence Recommendation Resources Can Buy a Portfolio Solution That Saves Worry and Money.

With the increasing popularity and maturity of the development of cloud computing, cloud-based enterprises cover all walks of life, and their businesses have separate characteristics. The same customer, different businesses, and different scenarios have different requirements for resources. For example, the usage of daily business is relatively stable. The demand for resources increases sharply during the promotion, or it encounters peaks during the day or weekend according to the business characteristics.

ECS provides a variety of payment methods to adapt to the business characteristics of customers and meet customers' demands for ultimate flexibility and cost performance. Customers can use a combination of different payment methods, such as pay-as-you-go, savings plans, and capacity reservations, to achieve cost optimization while gaining flexibility and certainty.

While the choices are abundant, customers will inevitably miss out on a more economical way to book resources because they do not know enough about the payment method or the latest offers. Therefore, ECS's latest resource assurance service provides the resource reservation recommendation function. This Artificial Intelligence Recommendation function is the most cost-effective combination of payment methods and resource solutions for users based on their resource requirements, existing payment methods, and current resource supply.

The resource assurance service is mainly applicable to the cloud server product family of the Alibaba Cloud elastic computing product line. As the most basic and the most inseparable product for enterprise IT systems to go to the cloud, the cloud server needs the support of a huge scheduling and supply system to ensure the flexibility of the cloud. In the future, Alibaba Cloud elastic computing will continue to optimize products and payment methods so that users can enjoy extreme flexibility and get better cost performance and strong supply guarantees.

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