Community Blog OSS: A High Performance Encrypted, Object Storage Cloud System

OSS: A High Performance Encrypted, Object Storage Cloud System

This blog defines the issues occurs in traditional storage which overcome with the help of object storage system.

By Prashant Mishra, Alibaba Cloud MVP and CEO, Founder Click2Cloud Inc.

With traditional storage systems such as on an on-premises network attached storage (NAS) are useful for storing many static files, videos, and images. However, these systems face many problems like hardware failure, scalability issues, high costs, and limited disk space. These problems can be easily overcome with cloud storage solutions such as Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service, which is a storage platform that manages and manipulates data storage as distinct units called objects. Object storage allows users to store large amount of unstructured data in a highly scalable manner. So, whether a user have a server or application or backup requirements, user can easily store the data in an object store using Rest APIs with the help of OSS.

Solution: Object Storage Service

Traditional storage has become less suitable to meet the needs of today's applications. Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service provides a solution for the limitations of traditional storage systems.


One of the biggest benefits which OSS results into is its durability. OSS has built a data integrity. So, if a disk fails, users don't have to worry about losing the data.


Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service are accessible for REST APIs, which means they are highly available. If a single server goes down, users don't have to worry about not being able to access the object storage and be unable to read or write data from it.


If user take an example of traditional systems like file or block, user normally have a lot of constraints on how much data to store. Object storage is meant to store a Petabyte and Exabyte amount of data.


Like already told above object storage allows user to access data over REST APIs which means one can access the data from anywhere in the world depending upon their workload requirements.


Most object storage provide users the ability to store the data encrypted at REST and allows user to encrypt the data while in transit. It means the data that user store in object storage is secure.

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service Use cases

Following are the use cases of Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service:

Disaster Recovery/Backup

In case of component failure, load redundancy becomes important to prevent from data loss. Disaster recovery is an essential solution for maintaining the critical IT workloads and backup of data. On the other hand, disaster recovery is expensive to set up, maintain and manage. Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service is a great solution to store that cost effectively and in a more secure way, given its easily deployed network-based accessibility.

Fig: Object Storage as a replacement for both primary and secondary backup platforms

AI & Analytics

In a health care industry, people generally have a large amount of sample data and they want to run analytics on top of it. Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service is a great solution to manage the huge sample data. Also, user can run like framework, tons of flows on top of it.

Fig: Object Storage Service for large health care data center

Cloud Native

Any organization who wants to build an IOS or Android Applications. Object storage provides them the flexibility to easily store the data requirements that they have. So, it gives users the cost effectiveness but also provides them the flexibility. Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service provides users with one of the advantages to distribute user data objects directly to the Internet using HTTP. Object storage allows users to create and modify their websites data directly from Graphical User Interface or API requests.

Fig: Storage of static web content to Object Storage Service

Data Archive

Any media company which has large amount of media assets and user want to store those media assets. Object storage is a great way to do that. It helps to store large amount of media assets in an easy way. Many document management system (DMS) applications provide a function to directly store and retrieve documents from Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service, via an S3 compatible API interface. Media company exchanges the documents between clients and employees globally with OSS for example marketing information, legal documents, media files, etc.

Fig: Conventional DMS system including file servers and storage backend with Object Storage


In normal traditional storage system at some point of time user faces durability, costs, effectiveness, and scalability issues. Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service has overcome all the given problems with allowing user to store a large amount of data in an easier way. The data is being stored in an object format. User can store data in any file format, videos, images, music, documents, and so on. The features like Scalability, flexibility, availability, security, durability made Alibaba Cloud OSS more popular in service.

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