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Object Storage Service(OSS): Store Data Safely In The Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service(OSS) is an encrypted and secure cloud storage service that can store, process, and access massive amounts of data from anywhere in the world.

The Overview of Object Storage Service(OSS)

Object Storage Service (OSS) is a secure, cost-effective, and high-durability cloud storage service provided by Alibaba Cloud. It enables you to store large amounts of data in the cloud. OSS can provide 99.9999999999% (twelve 9's) data durability (designed for) and 99.995% service availability.

Object Storage Service(OSS) supports RESTful APIs independent from the console. You can store and access any type of data anytime, anywhere, and from any application.

You can use API operations and SDKs provided by Alibaba Cloud or OSS migration tools to transfer large amounts of data to and from Alibaba Cloud OSS. You can use OSS buckets of the Standard storage class to store image, audio, and video files for apps and large websites. You can use OSS buckets of the Infrequent Access (IA), Archive, or Cold Archive storage class to store objects that are not accessed often at a low cost.

The Benefits of Object Storage Service(OSS)

Object Storage Service(OSS) is ease of use

  • OSS provides standard RESTful API operations, a wide range of SDKs, client tools, and the OSS console. You can upload, download, retrieve, and manage large amounts of data used for websites and mobile apps in the same way you use regular file systems.
  • The capacity of each bucket is unlimited. Therefore, you can expand your buckets in OSS based on your requirements.
  • Streaming writes and reads are supported, which can be used in business scenarios where you must simultaneously read and write videos and other large objects.
  • Lifecycle management is supported. You can configure lifecycle rules to batch delete expired objects or convert the storage classes of expired objects to cost-effective Infrequent Access (IA), Archive, or Cold Archive.

Object Storage Service(OSS) has powerful and flexible security mechanisms

  • OSS provides STS and URL authentication and authorization. OSS also supports IP address blacklists or whitelists, hotlink protection, and the RAM mechanism.
  • OSS provides resource isolation mechanisms for users. You can also use the multi-cluster synchronization service.
  • OSS provides server-side encryption, client-side encryption, and encrypted transmission based on SSL or TLS to protect data from potential security risks on the cloud.
  • OSS provides the versioning feature to prevent objects from being accidentally deleted or overwritten.

Object Storage Service(OSS) use a data redundancy mechanism

OSS uses a data redundant storage mechanism to store copies of each object on multiple devices of different facilities in the same region. This way, OSS ensures data durability and availability even if hardware failures occur.

  • Operations performed on objects in OSS are highly consistent. For example, after you upload or copy an object, the uploaded or copied object can be read immediately and copies of the object are written to multiple devices for redundancy.
  • To ensure complete data transmission, OSS calculates the checksum of the network traffic packets to check for errors when packets are transmitted between the client and the server.
  • The data redundancy mechanism of OSS can prevent data loss when two storage devices are damaged at the same time.

Object Storage Service(OSS) has rich and powerful value-added services

  • IMG: supports format conversion, thumbnails, cropping, watermarking, resizing for objects in formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, WebP, and TIFF.
  • Audio or video transcoding: provides high-quality, high-speed, and parallel audio or video transcoding capabilities. This way, your audio or video files can be played on different terminal devices.
  • Transfer acceleration over the Internet: provides the transfer acceleration service, which uses optimal route selection and protocol stack tuning to reduce timeouts in remote transmission and improve user experience. For more information, see Transfer acceleration.
  • Accelerated content delivery: uses OSS as the origin with CDN to improve the user experience when the same object is repeatedly downloaded.

The Scenarios of Object Storage Service(OSS)

Massive storage for image, audio, and video applications

OSS can be used to store large amounts of data, such as images, audio and video, and logs. OSS supports various devices. Websites and mobile applications can directly read or write OSS data. OSS supports file writing and streaming writing.


Dynamic and static content separation for websites and mobile applications

By using high bandwidth, you can concurrently download a large amount of data from OSS over the Internet. OSS provides Transfer acceleration that accelerates uploads and downloads across provinces and continents and improves user experience. OSS can also be combined with CDN to deliver the static content to edge nodes. OSS uses data cached on CDN edge nodes to accelerate the simultaneous download of an object in the same region.


Cloud data processing

After an object is uploaded to OSS, you can use ApsaraVideo for Media Processing and IMG to process the object on the cloud.

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Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) is an encrypted, secure, cost-effective, and easy-to-use object storage service that enables you to store, back up, and archive large amounts of data in the cloud, with a guaranteed durability of 99.9999999999%(12 9’s). RESTful APIs allow storage and access to OSS anywhere on the Internet. You can elastically scale the capacity and processing capability and choose from a variety of storage types to optimize the storage cost.

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Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) is a cost-effective, highly secure, and highly reliable solution to store, back up, and archive any amount of data in the cloud.

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