Community Blog Detect Web Vulnerabilities with Cloud Security Scanner

Detect Web Vulnerabilities with Cloud Security Scanner

This blog will define how to overcome web vulnerabilities through Cloud Security Scanner.

By Prashant Mishra, Alibaba Cloud MVP and CEO, Founder Click2Cloud Inc.

In today's world, there are many technologies available to detect threats, bugs, and vulnerabilities originating from the cyber space. These innovations were developed to protect confidential data for businesses and individuals because data is one of the important assets in information technology world. Excellent internet testing, hacking, bug solving programming languages, machine learning technologies, security services have been discovered and are available on the market.

In a similar way, Alibaba Cloud Security Scanner helps to safeguard your business through automation testing, web vulnerabilities detection, threat detection, and sensitive web content detection. CSS automatically discovers assets that are associated with it and ensures a secure environment for your website and applications.

By leveraging Alibaba Cloud big data resources, including the Machine Learning Platform, Cloud Security Scanner helps to detect asset vulnerabilities, illicit content, website defacement, spams, threats, bugs, etc.

Alibaba Cloud Security Scanner helps to detect your website bugs with cloud solutions which helps to scale, speed, ease use of your website.

It gives the platform to security teams with visibility in your cloud workload deployments.

Inner Workings of Cloud Security Scanner

Alibaba Cloud Security Scanner uses Web 2.0 dynamic crawlers to crawl webpages and detects web vulnerabilities using detection plugins to protect your website with potential risks.

Cloud Security Scanner with multiple validations, built-in plugins, provides accurate results. This helps you to detect and fix the threats, bugs, vulnerability, web content, and so forth.

CSS also helps to detect the bugs of website contents, images, videos, blogs, news, achievements, etc.

Alibaba Cloud Security Scanner consists of data middle platform, asset analysis and scan task to schedule tasks, assets information throughout the internet, configure scan task, recognize port, databases information, etc.

Features of Cloud Security Scanner

  1. Risk verification assistant and troubleshooting solutions.
  2. Security and compliance.
  3. Asset management.
  4. Resource utilization.
  5. Self-Healing Automation.
  6. Clear and direct scan reports.
  7. Detect web vulnerabilities.
  8. Cost management.
  9. Cloud security.
  10. Time saving.

Key Benefits of Cloud Security Scanner

High Detection Accuracy

Cloud Security Scanner provides high detection accuracy with detection plugins, integrated with advanced technologies.

Easy to Use

CSS is one of the easiest features to use. You need not have to install this service. With the help of an Alibaba Cloud account, simply purchase the Cloud Security Scanner and use it.

No Manual Upgrades

You need not have to manually upgrade the service. It automatically does with assessments, risk analysis, and update in real time.


Alibaba Cloud Security Scanner monitors the assets changes, helps to detect the vulnerabilities, bugs, threats, and provide you with bug-free website which gives cost savings and saves the time. Monitoring of illicit content, website risks are all sorted out with the help of CSS.

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