Community Blog Handle Large-Scale Data Warehouse with MaxCompute Service

Handle Large-Scale Data Warehouse with MaxCompute Service

This blog will define how to operate large-scale data warehousing with Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute.

By Prashant Mishra, Alibaba Cloud MVP and CEO, Founder Click2Cloud Inc.

With the rapidly increasing number of businesses, enterprises are facing stiffer competition to stand out from the crowd. Many have adopted big data solutions to get a better picture of their consumers' needs and matching it with production efforts. This data can be of useful to enhance the productivity of organizations but day-by-day large amounts of data gets added to the data warehouse. Business intelligence helps to cater these data, but it does not satisfactorily provide the productivity needed by businesses.

Alibaba Cloud helps you conduct large-scale data warehousing with the MaxCompute product. MaxCompute is not only flexible in handling large amount of data but also fully managed over multi-tenancy.

MaxCompute is a big data computing service that helps to handle advanced level of data warehouse solutions. Alibaba cloud MaxCompute is a distributed computing service which helps in calculation of large-scale data from data warehouse and provides in a much simple way to reduce time, and cost.

With Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute & Machine Learning Platform, you can have an end to end analytics platform that combines SQL data warehousing, big data analytics and data integration into a single integrated environment.

Let's take an example of retail store, where they generate every day massive amount of data. Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute combines these amass retail lifecycle data including customer data, operations data, sourcing and supplier data as well as transaction data with analytics.

MaxCompute helps to reduces churn, enhances loyalty, advances customer journeys, enables the ability to conduct contextual marketing, measure attribution and provide insights across the enterprise to holistically drive growth across the organization.

The main purpose of Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute is to do the storage of structured data. It manages to do the distributing of compute models, to analyse the massive datasets so that users can effectively use it.

Advantages of MaxCompute

  1. Security: Alibaba cloud MaxCompute provides a secure data in terms of managing it and utilizing it, no matter how large the data is.
  2. Cost Saving: User do not have to spend much on buying software, keeping expertise to manage and sort the data. MaxCompute does this automatically which ultimately leads to cost saving.
  3. Fully Managed: MaxCompute is a fully managed service by Alibaba which allows its customers to have a manage data in their data set.
  4. Analytics Platform: MaxCompute is an analytics platform where it operates with ML platforms, big data analytics, SQL data warehousing, and data integration.


Retail, enterprises, organizations, and individuals produce large amounts of data, and combining this data collectively on regular basis can be of use for analysis by many companies. But to manage these heterogeneous amounts of data is a lethargic job. Alibaba Cloud simplifies this through the MaxCompute product, helping customers to efficiently handle large-scale data in a single repository called data warehouse. With the help of MaxCompute, you can sort all data produced collectively, and visualize them graphically on a single platform.

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