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How to Configure Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery to Backup Objects from OSS Buckets

This article explains how to configure Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) to backup objects from OSS buckets.

By Kelvin Galabuzi

What Is Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery?

Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) is a highly reliable and efficient managed backup service that backs up data to a cloud vault.

HBR can backup data from Elastic Computing Services instances (ECS), Apsara Filesystems, NAS clusters, Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets, files, databases, and virtual machines from on-premises environments.

Hybrid Backup Recovery allows backup and recovery of ECS instances across regions through mirror vaults.

Components of the Hybrid Backup Recovery Service

  • Backup Source: This is the host where the data you want to backup is stored, such as servers, Object Storage Service buckets, NAS clusters, and virtual machines, found on-premises or on ECS instances in Alibaba Cloud.
  • Client: This is the agent you install on the backup source to automate backing up and restoring data.
  • Region: The physical location of an Alibaba Cloud data center.
  • Backup Vault: This is the cloud repository used to backup data on the cloud. An HBR repository supports multiple clients using the same vault and helps manage data backups.

Backup Sources for Hybrid Backup Recovery

  • On-Premises Environments: You can backup data from on-premises environments, such as files, NAS, VMware Virtual machines, and Databases running on a variety of engines, such as MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Database.
  • Alibaba Cloud ECS: You can also back up data from files, Cloud Disks, and Databases running on Alibaba Cloud Elastic Computing Service instances.
  • Cloud Storage Gateway: Backing up data from storage gateways is supported.
  • Apsara File Storage NAS: You can also backup data stored in Apsara File Storage NAS.
  • Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS): Backing up data stored in buckets hosted on the Object Storage Service (OSS) is supported by HBR.

Back up OSS Objects Using HBR

The following section explains how to backup Object Storage Service (OSS) objects using Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR).

Step 1: Log in to the Alibaba Cloud console and access Hybrid Backup Recovery under the Storage Data Services category:


Step 2: Navigate to the OSS Backup blade:


Step 3: Confirm Authorization for the Hybrid Backup recovery service in your Alibaba account:


Step 4: Create the backup plan. Under the advanced settings, you can set the backup interval, retention policy, retention period, and the Backup vault for your OSS bucket. Then, click OK:


Step 5: You can see the OSS Bucket backup plan with a running status:


Step 6: If you want to create the first backup, you can select the Run Now button, which will trigger an ad-hoc backup:


Step 7: The status will show as running:


Step 8: Optionally, you can create a restore job. This restores the items in your bucket to a previous point when your backup has run. Select the Restore Jobs section to create a restore job and click Create Restore Job:


Step 9: Select the source vault, the source Bucket, and the backup to restore. Click Next:


Step 10: Select the items to restore and click Next:


Step 11: You can select the destination bucket to restore the bucket and the destination path if required. Then, click Create:


Step 12: Once the job finishes running, it will show with a completed status:


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