Community Blog Discover the Latest in ApsaraDB for MongoDB 7.0 and See What Difference It Can Make for You

Discover the Latest in ApsaraDB for MongoDB 7.0 and See What Difference It Can Make for You

This article introduces the latest features and improvements in ApsaraDB for MongoDB 7.0 and its advantages for your business.

By Zhongli, Feiyou and Yuanyi

Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for MongoDB 7.0 has arrived with a suite of innovative features and notable improvements, designed to enhance performance, bolster data management capabilities, and provide developers with a more extensive and flexible set of tools. Whether it’s managing vast datasets, performing real-time analytics, or building high-performance applications, Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for MongoDB 7.0 stands out as a choice worth looking forward to and trusting.

Why MongoDB 7.0?

1. Enhanced Functionality

Shard Key Analyzer: Starting from version 7.0, MongoDB supports analyzing the rationality of collection shard keys based on the results of sampled queries, which can help you better design your schema and shard keys, and make more efficient use of the sharding architecture.

ChangeStream for Large Change Events: The new $changeStreamSplitLargeEvent operator, introduced in version 7.0, enables splitting of change events exceeding 16 MB. This solves past limitations where changeStream couldn't support large change events.

2. Stronger Data Security

Queryable Encryption: Queryable Encryption is previously a preview feature in MongoDB 6.0, and now be ready for prime time in MongoDB 7.0, offering you an unparalleled level of protection for your most sensitive information. With this groundbreaking technology, your data stays encrypted at every stage of its lifecycle and can be decrypted only on the client-side without the server having knowledge of the data it's processing. This feature offers robust, comprehensive security and effectively counters the risks of data breaches.

Figure: Sample Flow of Queryable Encryption Operations
Source: https://www.mongodb.com/blog/post/mongodb-releases-queryable-encryption-preview

User Roles System Variable: The USER_ROLES system variable in MongoDB 7.0 enables the retrieval of the current user's roles, providing a mechanism for role-based access control directly within the database. This feature is particularly beneficial for scenarios where documents contain sensitive information that should be accessible only to users with specific roles.

3. Greater Reliability and Stability

Metadata Consistency Checker: In previous versions of MongoDB, there were potential issues with inconsistencies in routing data or indexes. The MongoDB 7.0 release introduces the checkMetadataConsistency command, which checks for inconsistencies in metadata across different shards. Incorporate this inspection into your routine operations and maintenance tasks to proactively and promptly detect potential risks of metadata/index inconsistencies following maintenance routines or events such as out-of-memory errors or failovers.

Dynamic Concurrent Storage Engine Transactions(Read/Write Tickets): MongoDB 7.0 brings an exciting update that makes working with databases safer and more efficient than ever. The introduction of the Dynamic WiredTiger Tickets in MongoDB 7.0 automatically manages how many concurrent transactions (tickets) can happen at once within the WiredTiger storage engine, with the default value set at 128 tickets, optimizing performance. We strongly recommend adhering to this configuration for the time being. This dynamic control helps prevent the buildup of excessive requests that previously led to database slowdowns. By reducing the likelihood of these "avalanche" scenarios, MongoDB 7.0 ensures smoother operation, safeguarding your business from potential setbacks and maintaining continuous, reliable service for your customers.

Why Alibaba Cloud's MongoDB 7.0?

Since its exclusive debut of version 5.0 in May 2021, Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for MongoDB service has consistently kept pace with MongoDB Inc.'s release cadence, dedicated to offering developers the cutting-edge experience of the latest version through its cloud services.

Futhermore, benefitting from its consistent embrace of cloud-native strategies, the exceptional elasticity, backup and recovery capabilities, as well as intelligent operations and maintenance - a hallmark of cloud-native features - ensure an enhanced performance, stability and flexibility.

1. Ultimate Elasticity

Computing and storage is decoupled in ApsaraDB for MongoDB, addressing the issue of resource isolation and allowing for storage massive data. In addition, the independent and rapid scaling of computing and storage can be achievable within minutes. This presents minimal impact, higher speed, and greater flexibility, thereby allowing to swiftly adapt to the changing needs of business.

2. Rapid Recovery Capability

Snapshot-based recovery, can now process 500GB of data in just minutes, offers a 6X increase in speed compared to traditional physical backup recovery methods.

The most recent enhancements include support for database and table-level restoration, which streamlines the process by enabling swift recovery of specific table data.

The diverse rapid backup and recovery options are available for you to choose from, fulfilling personalized backup and recovery needs in various scenarios.

3. Intelligent Operations and Maintenance

You can also take advantage of features such as slow logs, space analysis, and session management with CloudDBA - an intelligent operations and maintenance tool provided by ApsaraDB for MongoDB. CloudDBA simplifies your database management process by enabling you to quickly identify and resolve performance, clustering, and data-related issues.

To explore more about the new features and optimizations of ApsaraDB for MongoDB 7.0, you can check out the New features of MongoDB 7.0. These updates not only boost MongoDB's performance and security but also offer users a more convenient and efficient database management experience, as well as support for more complex application scenarios.

Explore the latest ApsaraDB for MongoDB with its trending scenario solution kit today!


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