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Streamline Cloud Management with Alibaba Cloud Governance Center

This article introduces the key features and benefits of Alibaba Cloud Governance Center.

In the dynamic landscape of cloud computing, managing a multi-account environment efficiently while ensuring security and compliance can be a daunting task. Alibaba Cloud Governance Center emerges as a robust solution, utilizing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) services to orchestrate various essential Alibaba Cloud services. This comprehensive tool not only automates the setup of a multi-account environment but also ensures adherence to basic security compliance requirements.

Key Features

Build a Landing Zone:

Cloud Governance Center begins by assessing the usage of your Alibaba Cloud account and resource directory. It then guides you through a step-by-step process to initialize a resource structure, facilitating the seamless migration of business data to the cloud. This approach not only accelerates the migration process but also enhances overall management efficiency.

Account Factory:

Configuring baseline settings and swiftly creating accounts are made effortless with the Account Factory feature. By streamlining the account creation process and reducing configuration costs, Cloud Governance Center enables the creation of controlled resource accounts, ultimately expediting business delivery.

Configure Protection Rules:

Security is paramount in a multi-account environment. Cloud Governance Center allows you to configure and enable protection rules provided by Cloud Config. This ensures that resource directories and basic configurations created within the Governance Center remain unaltered, bolstering the security of the entire multi-account environment.

Governance Health Check:

To continuously monitor IT governance conditions, Cloud Governance Center offers the Governance Health Check feature. This capability provides real-time insights into the governance status of enterprises on the cloud, offering valuable guidance to optimize IT governance configurations and mitigate risks effectively.

Benefits of Alibaba Cloud Governance Center

Compatibility with Existing Solutions:

Cloud Governance Center stands out by analyzing the status quo of customers and checking pre-dependencies. This enables the tool to match applicable solutions based on the customer's existing setup. The step-by-step guidelines provided by the Governance Center facilitate the initialization of a multi-account environment, ensuring the adoption of best practices.

Automatic Setup of a Multi-Account Environment:

Automation is a key highlight of Cloud Governance Center. By automatically configuring multiple essential Alibaba Cloud services, the tool ensures the setup of a multi-account environment aligns with Alibaba Cloud's best practices. This not only expedites the migration of business data but also enhances the overall efficiency of cloud operations.

Quick Account Creation:

The ability to create enterprise accounts swiftly within the resource directory and automatically configure them based on predefined baselines is a boon for businesses. Cloud Governance Center ensures the rapid delivery of new accounts, aligning with the dynamic needs of enterprises in the cloud.

Visual Continuous Governance:

The Governance Center provides visual governance health and resource analysis capabilities. This empowers users to identify and eliminate governance risks that may exist in their multi-account environment. The visual representation enhances the understanding of governance conditions, facilitating proactive risk mitigation.


Alibaba Cloud Governance Center emerges as a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking efficient and secure management of multi-account environments. By combining automation, visual governance, and continuous health checks, this tool addresses the complexities of cloud management, ensuring that businesses can leverage the full potential of Alibaba Cloud while maintaining security and compliance.

Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are for reference only and don't necessarily represent the official views of Alibaba Cloud.

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