Community Blog Friday Q&A - Week 7 - Questions From The Vault

Friday Q&A - Week 7 - Questions From The Vault

Join us on a quick tour through the vaults, as we examine questions users have asked during both online and offline training.

By Jeremy Pedersen

Welcome back for the seventh installment in our weekly Q&A blog series! We're taking a look back into the archives this week, and addressing some questions from previous Alibaba Cloud training sessions.

Q: Does Alibaba Cloud have a sever migration tool or service, that can help me migrate more easily?

Yes actually we do! We have a tool called Server Migration Center that does exactly that. Check the link for details.

Q: How many roles and policies can you associate with an Alibaba Cloud RAM user?

The RAM Limits Page goes into a lot of detail on the limitations of the service. To summarize:

  1. You can have 1,000 RAM users per Alibaba Cloud account
  2. You can attach up to 20 system policies to a RAM user
  3. You can attach up to 10 custom policies to a RAM user

For RAM roles, the limits are:

  1. 1,000 RAM roles per Alibaba Cloud account
  2. You can attach up to 20 system policies to a RAM role
  3. You can attach up to 5 custom policies to a RAM role

Since RAM roles are not attached to RAM users, there is no limit on the number of RAM roles a RAM user can have. You can call the AssumeRole API to use any role to which your user has access rights, whether under your account or another Alibaba Cloud account.

RAM is a complicated subject: I highly recommend checking out the docs to learn more!

Q: Can you attach a custom domain name to an OSS bucket?

Yes, you can bind a custom domain name to an OSS bucket. Follow this guide to learn how.

Q: Does Alibaba Cloud RDS (Relational Database Service) support Oracle databases?

Unfortunately no. If you want to use Oracle on Alibaba Cloud, consider running it directly on a bare metal ECS instance, or consider migrating to another database engine.

You can use a lot of Oracle database features via our PolarDB database product. Take a look at this migration guide to see how.

Q: Can Alibaba Cloud ECS instances be automatically migrated from one Zone to another?

ECS can migrate instances within a Zone, but cannot automatically migrate instances between zones.

If a physical machine in one datacenter (Zone) fails, we can auto-migrate your ECS instance to another physical server in the same datacenter (Zone), often with little to no interruption in service.

If an entire Availability Zone fails, your ECS instance cannot be automatically migrated to a different Zone, but you can create a clone of your instance using a recent snapshot of your instance's disk(s).

If you want to guarantee service availability even if an entire zone fails, you should adopt strong HA (High Availability) architecture principles: specifically, you should spread mission-critical services across multiple Zones.

Does Alibaba Cloud have an equivalent to AWS CloudFormation?

Yes, we have a service called Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) that allows you to manage your infrastructure as code. You can learn more here.

Q: Does Alibaba Cloud have Terraform example code users can look at?

I'm not aware of any examples officially maintained by Alibaba Cloud, but here are a few examples I'm aware of:

  1. My own GitHub repo, terraformExamples.
  2. The multi-account IT Governance baseline code (also written by me), in Alibaba Cloud Academy's multi-account-baseline repo.
  3. These Alibaba Cloud Terraform modules.
  4. The Alibaba Cloud Labs collection on GitHub.

I've Got A Question!

Great! Reach out to me at jierui.pjr@alibabacloud.com and I'll do my best to answer in a future Friday Q&A blog.

You can also follow the Alibaba Cloud Academy LinkedIn Page. We'll re-post these blogs there each Friday.

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