Bind custom domain names (CNAME)

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2017

You can bind custom domain names (CNAMEs) to their buckets. This operation is required to be performed through the OSS console, and is available only when you apply for the ICP license to obtain the bound domain name and permission from Alibaba Cloud.

Once the CNAME function is activated, OSS automatically starts to process the access requests on that domain name.

CNAME application example

  1. User A has a website which contains a page with the link The image needs to be migrated to OSS.

  2. Through OSS console, user A submits an application to bind the user-defined domain name to abc-img, and provides the associated materials for CNAME function approval.

  3. Once Alibaba Cloud approves the application, the OSS background maps onto abc-img (permission verification is performed during this time).

  4. User A uses his own domain name server, and adds a CNAME rule, mapping onto This means all access traffic to the user’s domain name is forwarded to on OSS.

  5. Once the request for reaches OSS, it locates the and abc-img mapping and converts the request to access request for the abc-img bucket. When a user attempts to access, after passing through OSS, the website accessed is

CNAME process comparisons

Without bound CNAME:

  1. A request to access is received.

  2. DNS resolves to the user’s server IP.

  3. Access to logo.png on the user’s server is achieved.

With bound CNAME:

  1. A request to access is received.

  2. DNS resolves to

  3. Access to logo.png in the OSS bucket abc-img is achieved.


For operation process of the console, see Manage a domain name.

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