Community Blog Friday Q&A - Week 11 - Questions From The Vault

Friday Q&A - Week 11 - Questions From The Vault

See what our users have been asking, as we dive into questions from previous online training sessions.

By Jeremy Pedersen

Welcome back for the 11th installment in our weekly Q&A blog series! In this week's column, we'll take a look at questions from trainings past. Read on.

Does Alibaba Cloud have some type of platform-wide "soft delete"? If I delete an ECS disk or an RDS instance, can I recover it?

There is no single service-wide "soft delete" or "recycle bin", but some products have their own. For instance, DataWorks has a recycle bin for Nodes which are deleted from a Workflow. Similarly, MaxCompute allows you to recover deleted tables, within a certain (limited) window of time.

Be sure to read the documentation closely for each product you use, to make sure you understand what will happen when an instance of that product is deleted! Usually, tools exist to help you make regular backups, and you can rely on those backups if something goes wrong.

Does Alibaba Cloud have a "service limits" page that shows the limits for all services in one place?

Not right now, but most products have their own "limits" section in the Alibaba Cloud documentation, which you can find here

Here's an example from the RDS documentation.

What's the upper limit on the number of VPCs that can be attached to a CEN instance?

As the documentation says, the upper limit is currently 10 VPCs, but that can be adjusted by submitting a ticket to the support team. The absolute upper limit (determined by our TG, similar to AWS Transit Gateway) is 200 VPCs per CEN instance.

Does Alibaba Cloud have a VPC peering function separate from CEN?

Yes, but it is still in the beta stage. An alternative - if you just want resources across multiple accounts to be able to talk to each other - is to put them all in the same VPC. It's now possible to share a single VPC network group across multiple accounts, using the Shared VPC feature.

Can you install your own 3rd-party plugins on Alibaba Cloud's bastion host service?

Unfortunately no: Bastion Host is a managed service, so users don't have the access rights required to install additional software on the Bastion Host instance.

Can Alibaba Cloud Bastion Host integrate with Active Directory or Azure AD?

Yes, both AD and LDAP are supported.

If you're interested specifically in Azure AD, then take a look at this blog post

Can Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Firewall show how much traffic is moving between different VPCs over the CEN?

Yes, it can. You can see this from "VPC Access" in the Cloud Firewall console, or from the Traffic Logs under "Log Audit". Check out the Traffic Analysis documentation for more details.

I've Got A Question!

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