The following table describes the limits that apply to Cloud Enterprise Networks (CENs) and whether you can open a ticket to change these limits.

Item Limit Changes allowed?
The number of CEN instances that can be created for each account 5 Yes. Open a ticket.
The number of CEN instances that can be added to each region 10 Yes. Open a ticket to apply for a quota of up to 15 CEN instances.
The number of bandwidth packages that you can purchase in either of the interconnected regions in each CEN 1 No.
The number of regions in each CEN instance 5 Yes. Open a ticket.
Limits on VPCs whose ClassicLink feature is enabled VPCs cannot use the CIDR block. No.
Network instance No Express Connect can be created for network instances that are added to the CEN. No.
The number of route entries that can be created in each CEN 100 Yes. Open a ticket.
Sharing of NAT Gateways through CEN No No.
Support for cross-region access to cloud services No No.
Support for cloud services to access network instances in CEN No No.
Subnet routing If a VPC has multiple route tables, CEN learns route entries of the primary route table rather than those of the secondary route table. Similarly, the route entries that a VPC learns from CEN can only be added to the primary route table of the VPC. No.