Community Blog Disaster Recovery: How to Protect Your Data

Disaster Recovery: How to Protect Your Data

This article explores how Hybrid Backup Recovery and Hybrid Disaster Recovery can protect the availability of your services and platforms and guard against data loss.

Hybrid Solutions for a Digital World

To learn more about how to safely store your data and restore it, download our ebook, Disaster Recovery: How to Protect Your Data.

We live in a hyper-digitized world where the amount of data that is being created and stored is growing at a tremendous rate. By 2020, one-third of all data will be processed in the cloud.

This means that cloud users need robust disaster recovery and data logging solutions to ensure they can be confident that they have the necessary backups and provisions to ensure full continuity of service, should disaster strike.

Many businesses are opting for a hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution, which provides them with the high efficiency, availability, cost performance and minimal O&M they need. Hybrid solutions help businesses securely and efficiently back up their files, databases, virtual machines and entire system locally or on the cloud. What's more, if you back up your applications on the cloud, these will act as a virtual server and provide your business with a continuity of service, if disaster strikes.

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Our ebook, Disaster Recovery: How to Protect Your Data, introduces Alibaba Cloud's services that are key to cloud data protection and disaster recovery. These include our Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) and Hybrid Disaster Recovery (HDR) services, and our Log Service, which provides a feature-rich and robust solution to store, query and collect log data.

Our Hybrid Backup Recovery online service is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to ease your data loss concerns. You can back up your data from desktops, servers or virtual machines to create a host of secure and efficient backup vaults on Alibaba Cloud. HBR supports encryption, compression, and deduplication to ensure fast, secure, and efficient data backup to the cloud with file directory backup and VMware virtual machine backup currently supported.

Our Hybrid Disaster Recovery service provides cloud and local dual backup, with cloud disaster recovery for enterprise applications. This service protects your servers, files, and applications based on the hardware and software of the backup and disaster recovery server to ensure service continuity. In addition, the HDR service can be used for disaster recovery drills and data analysis.

Our extensive Log Service is also on hand to help you manage and monitor your log data, while providing insights into your application to ensure you deliver the level of service your customers expect.

Running these services gives organizations the confidence that they have a robust real-time disaster recovery solution in place. This means that they can start disaster recovery replication for corporate data from the Alibaba Cloud platform to fully replicate all the data on their disks. Once complete, systems enter a state of real-time replication status with an RPO of almost zero. Downtime is killed and replaced with a seamless disaster recovery solution.

The combination of our HBR, HDR and Log Service solutions pack a powerful punch in the online era, providing you with a complete solution to succeed across all digital frontiers.

Download our ebook – Disaster Recovery: How to Protect Your Data – to learn more about how to safely store your data and restore it if disaster does strike.

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