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Disaster Recovery: Why Go Hybrid in the Cloud?

Discover how a hybrid cloud solution can secure your company's data with high efficiency and low costs.

To learn more about how a hybrid cloud solution can secure your company's data with high efficiency and low costs, download our Disaster Recovery: How to Protect Your Data whitepaper now.

We live in a hyper-digital world in which the amount of data we produce is ever-increasing, and the threat of disasters such as data suddenly disappearing is ever-present.

55 percent of companies that have experienced disasters don't survive. Of the remaining 45 percent, 29 percent go bankrupt within two years due to data loss, and only 16 percent are able to continue operating.1

This is a huge risk for any business, which is why organizations globally are embracing a range of disaster recovery solutions to protect themselves against the dangers of data loss.

Some organizations still rely on more traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions, though these are losing favor due to long implementation timescales. They are also burdened by inconvenience of implementation, additional equipment costs, and complicated operation and maintenance (O&M) needs.

Instead, many businesses are now opting for a hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution, which provides them with the high efficiency, availability, cost performance, and minimal O&M needs. These solutions also act as virtual servers if the data is backed up locally or on the cloud.

Alibaba Cloud offers two hybrid cloud solutions - Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR), and Hybrid Disaster Recovery (HDC). Both are easy-to-use, cost-effective, high-efficiency, quality solutions, and offer businesses working with irreplaceable data the peace of mind they need from their cloud service provider.

Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR)

Our HBR online service allows you to back up your data from desktops, servers, or virtual machines to create a host of secure and efficient backup vaults on Alibaba Cloud.

It supports encryption, compression, and deduplication to ensure fast, secure, and efficient data backup to the cloud, with file directory backup and VMware virtual machine backup support. All this allows us to ease your data loss concerns.

Hybrid Disaster Recovery (HDC)

Want to protect your company's servers, files, and applications?

Our Hybrid Disaster Recovery service is the answer. It provides dual cloud and local backup, with cloud disaster recovery for enterprise applications.

The HDC service is also based on the hardware and software of the backup and disaster recovery server to ensure service continuity. In addition, the HDR service can be used for disaster recovery drills and data analysis.

A Scenario:

As a company, you want all your bases covered - to be able to locally backup data, or ensure a quick recovery in case of accidental deletion or disk failure. Additionally, you also want to backup your data to the cloud to ensure guaranteed service continuity if your local data center goes down.

Both the HBR and HDC solutions would be able to fulfil these requirements, creating a local backup in your nearest data center. This data is then transmitted over a secure VPN to a cloud-based disaster recovery repository. Your local backup data is now remotely disaster tolerant, and content and services can be quickly restored with minimal interruption.

The HBR and HDC can also provide a cost-effective cloud-based remote disaster recovery solution, and can ensure reliable and timely data recovery should disaster strike. They also deliver efficient, flexible scaling and on-demand configuration without needing to manually set up an additional instance.

As the number of servers required to store your data also increases, you will need a centralized location to store and easily navigate your logs. With this increase, you will also face new challenges, and this is why Alibaba created its Log Service.

Alibaba Log Service allows you to complete the collection, consumption, shipping, query, and analysis of your log data in real time. An out-of-the-box solution, it increases your processing capability, and improves your O&M and operational efficiencies.

Downtime is the curse of the digital age, bringing with it huge losses to enterprises. The combination of Alibaba's HBR, HDR and Log Service, pack a powerful punch in the online era, and provide you and your business with a complete solution with which to succeed across all digital frontiers, with total peace of mind.

To find more in-depth information about Alibaba's hybrid cloud solutions, and how your business' data can benefit from its services, download this Disaster Recovery: How to Protect Your Data whitepaper now.


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