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Simplify and Secure Cloud-based O&M with Bastionhost

This article highlights Bastionhost as an essential platform for streamlining cloud-based operations and maintenance (O&M), emphasizing its ability to offer efficient centralized management.

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing, managing operations and maintenance (O&M) efficiently and securely is paramount. Bastionhost emerges as a unified, efficient, and secure platform, designed to streamline cloud-based O&M, enforce stringent access control, and facilitate comprehensive operation audits.

Why Bastionhost?

Efficient O&M - Bastionhost offers a centralized portal that simplifies access to server resources, allowing O&M personnel to manage and maintain all server assets through single sign-on (SSO). This centralized asset management significantly enhances efficiency. Additionally, Bastionhost supports password-free login, managing accounts and passwords centrally to simplify account management. This feature alleviates the burden of remembering multiple passwords and reduces the risk of password leaks.

Security Control - Security is a core feature of Bastionhost. It supports fine-grained user permission assignment, ensuring that users can only perform operations based on their assigned permissions. This principle of least privilege enhances security by blocking unauthorized and high-risk operations, thereby protecting asset integrity. Bastionhost’s capability to implement detailed permission settings ensures that each user has the minimal necessary access, reducing the potential for security breaches.

Ease of Use - Bastionhost is designed with user convenience in mind. Activating the service requires just a few clicks, and dynamic upgrades to service specifications are seamlessly integrated. It enables centralized management of assets across different environments, including data centers and heterogeneous clouds. Synchronizing assets such as ECS instances and databases is straightforward, requiring minimal effort. Bastionhost supports various O&M user types, including local users, RAM users, and those authenticated via AD or LDAP.

Key Features of Bastionhost

Centralized Management - Bastionhost excels in centralized management by handling different accounts through a single interface. The SSO feature allows access to numerous server resources, improving O&M efficiency and mitigating risks associated with multiple accounts and passwords. This centralized approach ensures that password information is secure and less prone to leakage.

Identity Authentication - To fortify security, Bastionhost provides two-factor authentication. This feature sends a one-time passcode or SMS verification code during user logon, verifying the user’s identity and preventing unauthorized third-party access. This added layer of security ensures that even if passwords are compromised, unauthorized access is thwarted.

Permission Assignment - Bastionhost allows for detailed permission assignments to user groups, including specific permissions for file uploads, downloads, and creation. This fine-grained control ensures that users have only the permissions they need, adhering to the principle of least privilege and enhancing overall security.

High-risk Command Blocking - To prevent accidental or malicious operations, Bastionhost automatically blocks high-risk commands. Commands that could cause significant damage, such as deleting data or formatting system disks, are intercepted, safeguarding critical assets from potentially disastrous actions.

Audit and Backtracking - Bastionhost’s visual audit records and session broadcasting capabilities enable comprehensive tracking and backtracking of O&M activities. This feature ensures that every operation is recorded, allowing for efficient evidence collection and security event tracking. The ability to reproduce O&M sessions in real-time provides valuable insights and accountability.


Bastionhost stands out as a robust solution for managing cloud-based O&M with efficiency, security, and ease. Its centralized management, enhanced security controls, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive auditing capabilities make it an indispensable tool for modern cloud operations. By addressing common challenges such as asset management complexities, unclear responsibilities, and difficulty in backtracking O&M events, Bastionhost empowers organizations to maintain robust and secure operational environments. Embrace Bastionhost for a streamlined, secure, and efficient O&M experience.

Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are for reference only and don't necessarily represent the official views of Alibaba Cloud.

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