Community Blog Define Next-Generation Storage for All-New Data Infrastructure

Define Next-Generation Storage for All-New Data Infrastructure

This blog introduces Alibaba Cloud's next-generation storage products that can help you build better solutions for your business.

In the age of artificial intelligence, Alibaba Cloud is redefining next-generation storage for the all-new data infrastructure. Data will undoubtedly continue its exponential growth in the future, so the requirements for storage performance are expected to become more demanding. On July 14, 2020, Alibaba Cloud held its fifth new storage product release conference and unveiled seven new storage features, including Fast Snapshot Availability (FSA), HBR snapshot management, and data processing and delivery. These new capabilities will diversify the company's storage product line and enrich the best practices for industry application scenarios.

1. The major upgrade to the snapshot service reduces the RTO for data protection to seconds.

The FSA feature is built on the snapshot service developed for Apsara Distributed File System 2.0 and supports instant backup and recovery. It requires only seconds to perform snapshot creation and cloud disk rollback operations, significantly reducing the waiting time for businesses. Currently, FSA is available in all regions and supports Enhanced SSD (ESSD) cloud disks.


2. The visual interface of HBR snapshot management elevates the overall user experience.

For the first time, Alibaba Cloud has introduced a visual snapshot management feature into Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR). The new runway ECS snapshot view comprehensively improves the user experience by offering a complete picture of and easy access to ECS instances. This enables users to quickly set up test, development, and data analysis environments. This feature, currently offered free of charge, gives you a brand-new data protection experience.


3. CPFS is upgraded for high-performance scenarios.

This upgrade boosts the performance of Cloud Paralleled File System (CPFS) with a throughput of 100 Gbit/s and millions of IOPS to meet the needs of high performance computing (HPC) and AI deep learning. In addition, by using its diverse business-oriented features and adopting a hybrid cloud architecture applicable to both online and offline scenarios, the new release can rapidly migrate high performance computing services to the cloud.


4. Hardware and software upgrades double the performance of HCSA.

Hybrid Cloud Storage Array (HCSA) has received a comprehensive software and hardware upgrade that provides double the performance at the same price. By integrating the cost-effectiveness and scalability of cloud storage into the on-premises data center architecture, this solution helps customers achieve the seamless flow of data between on-premises data centers and the public cloud in a more economical way.


5. The upgraded index schemas of Tablestore deliver a superior computing and analysis experience

The latest release of Tablestore supports computing engines, such as Spark, when accelerating queries with the index schemas. Compared with the traditional NoSQL data storage, the query acceleration enabled by this feature can improve the computing speed by a factor of 10 to 100. This allows users to grasp the business situation in real time and extract value from their data. d their data.


6. The new SLS data processing and delivery service offers out-of-the-box data ETL and forwarding.

The data processing and delivery feature of Alibaba Cloud Log Service was also launched for commercial use at the conference. It features built-in processing functions and operators and low latency. It allows you to configure shipping targets with one click and monitor and set alerts for tasks. It also supports out-of-the-box ETL and forwarding. This new feature frees users from building and debugging activities that could take anywhere from a few days to several months and allows them to focus on the business.


7. The new CDN solution empowers businesses to go global.

The collaboration between Alibaba Cloud OSS and Alibaba Cloud CDN yields this low-cost solution for content distribution and origin site storage in overseas regions. This is also the result of the latest strategy adopted by Alibaba Cloud OSS to provide benefits to overseas users following its partnership with Cloudflare, a well-known overseas CDN provider. The new solution, supported by the transfer acceleration capability of Alibaba Cloud OSS, can comprehensively improve cross-border access and help enterprises compete in the international arena.


By upgrading its technology and refining its products over the past decade, Alibaba Cloud's storage team is committed to helping enterprises push back the boundaries of data storage and circulation, meet their diversified needs, and extract the value of data on their journey of digital transformation.

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