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Data-Driven Ways to Futureproof Your Digital Transformation

This blog discusses how cloud computing can support your business during your digital transformation initiatives.


Alibaba Cloud supports thousands of businesses of all sizes, all over the world. We explain how you can digitally transform your organization’s computing, database, networking and security solutions in our whitepaper How to Digitally Transform Your Enterprise with Alibaba Cloud.

Digital transformation is no longer an option for today’s businesses. By 2022, 70% of all organizations will have accelerated the use of their digital technologies, transforming their existing processes to drive customer engagement, employee productivity, and business resiliency.

But 70% of digital transformations will also fall short of their objectives, often with profound consequences.

So, when you’ve invested in the right infrastructure and online tools – how can you make sure you continue to survive and thrive in today’s increasingly competitive digital space?

This is where your data matters. Here are five ways in which the cloud can keep your digital initiatives on track and your business flying ahead of the competition.

No. 1: Unlock Your Data

If your corporate data is unstructured, inaccessible and sits in unconnected silos, then you are failing to take advantage of that information while also incurring high storage and data management costs.

This is where DataWorks and our other data management solutions can help, reducing your storage costs by as much as 70%. Plus, you can leverage our analysis and monitoring tools to boost your business efficiency.

No. 2: Identify New Revenue Streams

Once you have your data in order, you need to capitalize on it. You could use our Elastic MapReduce (EMR) data processing solution to help you innovate and redevelop existing products and services – or identify entirely new revenue streams.

EMR is flexible for fast data analysis. It could, for example, help you create an analytics dashboard to monitor your customer interactions and sales.

No. 3: Personalize Your Service

To further boost your revenue streams, effective marketing campaigns can digitally drive people to your business. Personalization can help you generate customer loyalty by offering specific items, information or promotions to your customers, depending on their preferences.

For example, you could use our Machine Learning Platform for AI to introduce online product recommendations on your website or personalize your marketing campaigns.

No. 4: Forecast Future Trends

Demand for your physical and online business may rise or fall. It’s important to meet your customers’ fluctuating demands – whether that’s for your physical products and services or your online applications.

This is where our Elasticsearch solution could help, providing you with a range of data gathering, search and analytics functions. It could alert you if a specific product is trending on social media, for example, and then create reports for further analysis.

Our Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI) also harnesses machine learning techniques to uncover patterns in your business data. You can then use this information to make better decisions.

No. 5: Identify New Initiatives

Digital transformation never stops. Neither should your business. But many organizations often struggle to identify new business opportunities associated with their data to determine how they can improve performance.

There are many ways the cloud can help you identify these new initiatives and efficiencies, all based on your information.

For example, we recently worked with Cainiao – to optimize its supply chain by offering data-driven services. Using a range of cloud and edge computing solutions, the company’s fulfilment network alone increased exponentially to achieve a yearly growth of 170%.

The consumer experience also realized significant improvements. Cainiao improved its on-time delivery rate to 98% and now offers self-collection delivery hubs and local community service centers, so even the most remote areas have access to its first-rate services.

That’s just one example from one industry. At Alibaba Cloud, we understand how to help your business grow. To find out more, just click here to sign up to our free trial service, where new users can access 50+ free offers worth between $1700 to $8500 USD, providing hands-on experience with our extensive range of cloud computing solutions.

Your digital journey starts in the cloud. To find out more about how your business can digitally succeed, download our whitepaper How to Digitally Transform Your Enterprise with Alibaba Cloud today.

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