Community Blog The Value of Unlocking Your Company's Data through Analytics

The Value of Unlocking Your Company's Data through Analytics

Read this blog to learn how you can add value to your company's corporate data, and how to access and utilize it effectively with Alibaba Cloud.

To learn more about the value of your company's corporate data, and how to access and utilize it effectively, download the Five Ways to Realize Data-Driven Digital Transformation for Your Business ebook now.

Data is playing an increasingly prominent role today in helping businesses run efficient and profitable operations. It's being used to identify innovative products, to add new revenue streams, predict and forecast trends, and even provide new, data-led business development initiatives.

However, many organizations do not have the right technologies in place to analyze this valuable information, leaving it stored and unused in unconnected data silos.

Fortunately, technologies are available to help enterprises dive into data analytic, and maximize the value of their data. This includes the Dataworks offline data development tool, Quick BI business intelligence service, DataV data visualization tool, and the Dataphin intelligent data engine, all provided by Alibaba Cloud.

Using these products and services to open up these data silos, businesses also open themselves up to an unlimited number of avenues they can explore, expanding business interests and revenue opportunities.

The Four Key Technologies Available

Dataworks Offline Data Development Tool

Dataworks is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) product that offers a one-stop development and management interface to help you mine as well as explore your corporate data.

When used alongside Alibaba Cloud's MaxCompute, which is a large-scale data warehousing solution, data mining and exploring capabilities and processes are further improved. By leveraging both of these, businesses can receive real-time feedback on their user's needs, which can then be used to inform product development strategies and optimize business' decision-making process.

Quick BI Business Intelligence Service

MaxCompute is adept at providing cost-effective and fast data, uploaded to the cloud. However, once this data is processed and available, a way to gain real insights is required.

This is where the Quick BI service comes into play. It provides intelligent analysis and visualization of the data, allowing businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions. It also offers multiple data representations to support dynamic data analysis.

DataV Data Visualisation Tool

Furthermore, the Quick BI service can be supported by the DataV data visualisation tool, empowering businesses to incorporate geographic information into their data. This tool can help businesses understand relationships, patterns and trends within their corporate data based on location.

Dataphin Intelligent Data Engine

The Dataphin intelligent data engine is available to help businesses and organizations cope with their big data development, management, and application needs.

It provides an end-to-end solution from data production to data consumption, including a suite of tools, technologies, and methodologies to help you create and manage your data assets.

Data is a vital commodity for any growing business, and by implementing big data analytics, organizations can achieve a competitive advantage, reduce operational costs, and drive customer retention.

Alibaba Cloud recognizes the value in data, and offers organizations around the world a range of big data analysis solutions. In turn, it empowers them to adopt the right data-driven digital transformation strategy to fuel their growth and gain a wide range of benefits from their data.

To better understand how these products and services, and others, can help your organization unlock the value of its data, download the Five Ways to Realize Data-Driven Digital Transformation for Your Business ebook now.

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