Community Blog Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN): Enterprise's Multi-region Network Solution

Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN): Enterprise's Multi-region Network Solution

This article is to describe the Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) components, benefits, and usage scenarios, etc.

The Definition of Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN)

Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is a highly-available network built on the high-performance and low-latency global private network provided by Alibaba Cloud.

By using CEN, you can establish private network connections between Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks in different regions, or between VPC networks and on-premises data centers. CEN supports automatic route distribution and learning, which speeds up network convergence, improves the quality and security of cross-network communications, and interconnects all network resources. CEN helps enterprises build an interconnection network.


The Components of Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN)

  • Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) Instances
    CEN instances are basic network resources created and managed by users. To connect your network worldwide, you must create a CEN instance first and attach networks to the instance. Then, purchase a bandwidth package and configure an interconnection bandwidth for cross-region communications.
  • Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) Networks
    Networks attached to CEN are all interconnected. Supported networks include VPC, Virtual Border Router (VBR), and Cloud Connect Network (CCN).
  • Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) Bandwidth Packages
    A bandwidth package is required for cross-region communications. You must purchase a bandwidth package for the specified areas. An area is a collection of one or more Alibaba Cloud regions. You can check the areas that can be interconnected in the console.

The Benefits of Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN)

  • Worldwide connection
    Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is an enterprise-class network that can interconnect the network resources of Alibaba Cloud around the world. CEN can also be used to interconnect the local data centers that are already connected to the Alibaba Cloud network. CEN validates the IP address ranges of the connected networks and ensures that the IP address ranges do not overlap. Additionally, CEN automatically recognizes adaptive routing-forwarding and distribution across multiple nodes through controllers, which enhances network performance through fast routing convergence.
  • Low latency and high speed
    CEN provides low-latency and high-speed network transmission. The maximum access rate between local networks can reach the port forwarding rate of the gateway device. From the perspective of global network communication, the overall latency of CEN is significantly lower compared with the public network.
  • Nearby access and shortest-path connection
    Multiple access points are deployed in more than 60 regions around the world to facilitate global access to Alibaba Cloud, enabling traffic to travel through a responsive and latency-free network. The shortest-path algorithm of CEN recognizes efficient connections between local data centers and the Alibaba Cloud network resources.
  • Redundancy and disaster recovery
    CEN features high availability and network redundancy. Multiple redundant links are available between any two access points. If a link is interrupted, CEN can ensure the service continuity without network jitter or interruptions.
  • Systematic management
    Network monitoring is systematic. CEN can automatically detect any route conflicts caused by system changes to ensure the stability of the network.

The Usage Scenarios of Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN)

  • Network interconnection in the same region
    Only two steps are required to connect the Virtual Private Cloud (VPCs) and Virtual Border Routers (VBRs) that belong to the same region and the same account. First, create a CEN instance. Then, attach the networks (VPCs and VBRs) to the CEN instance.
  • Network interconnection in different regions
    You can use CEN to connect networks in any region. For example, you can create a CEN instance to connect VPCs in the China (Beijing) and China (Hangzhou) regions. First, create a CEN instance and attach the networks (VPCs and VBRs) to be connected to the CEN instance. Then, purchase a bandwidth package and set up cross-region bandwidth.


The Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is the best choice for an enterprise's multi-region networking solution, it has worldwide network capabilities, low-latency and high-speed networking, and access to close-by nodes.

If you need to know more about the Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN), please click here.

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