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Build Your First Blockchain Application Securely and Stably

This article gives a brief background on Blockchain and explains how to build a Blockchain application.

By Kelvin Galabuzi

What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a shared database among computers on a network that ensures all participants validate all transactions performed.

Participants in a Blockchain network maintain a copy of the database, making the information transparent and available to everyone on the network at any given time.

Blockchain technology is well known and publicly deployed for everyone to use, but the technology can also be deployed privately, only giving restricted access to trusted entities.

Why Blockchain?

  • Distributed Network: Blockchain technology is distributed in nature, avoiding a single point of failure since multiple nodes participate in a Blockchain network. Data is shared across the nodes eliminating the dependency on a single node.
  • Security: Blockchain technology uses cryptographic keys, such as public and private keys, which ensure the database reads and writes are made by the appropriate users.
  • Blockchain information cannot be manipulated easily. Data stored using Blockchain technology is immutable and must be updated together as a block, hence the derivation of Blockchain. This block nature of the records ensures that they can be identified quickly on the network if any record is tempered.
  • Information on the Blockchain network requires verification from multiple participants on the network. These checks ensure that fraudulent activities can be flagged quickly, removing the reliance on only one entity to control the data transactions.

Alibaba Cloud Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Alibaba Cloud Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) is a Platform as a Service offering that uses Blockchain technology to help users build secure and stable Blockchain environments. Alibaba Cloud BaaS supports multiple Blockchain technologies, such as Hyperledger Fabric, Ant Blockchain, and Quorum.

The service eases the workload related to building, maintaining, and operating Blockchain nodes and enables enterprises to focus on Blockchain application development.

Build Your Blockchain Application Using Alibaba's Cloud Ant Blockchain Service

  • Step 1: On the Alibaba Cloud console, access the Blockchain as a Service product under the Enterprise Applications and Services category:


  • Step 2: Access the Ant Blockchain service and select Try for free for a Contract test:


  • Step 3: Alibaba Cloud provides an Automatic and Manual way of generating a certificate. In this case, you can select the automatic method, which is the recommended method, fill in all the required details, and click Apply:


  • Step 4: Download the private key and certificate:


  • Step 5: Select Create Account, choose to create an account Automatically, fill in all the required Application information, and click Apply:


  • Step 6: Download the public and private key pairs:


  • Step 7: Create a consortium by choosing the Contract Blockchains blade and then select Create Consortium:


  • Step 8: Click on the created consortium and select Manage:


  • Step 9: Click Create Blockchain:


  • Step 10: Choose the region for your Blockchain, assign it a name, duration, and click Buy Now:


After creating a Blockchain, you can apply for Blockchain permissions, download certificates, and download components to start developing Blockchain applications securely and stably using Alibaba Cloud BaaS.

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