Community Blog Safeguard Your Blockchain Solution with Chip-Level Security – Alibaba Cloud Blockchain Service

Safeguard Your Blockchain Solution with Chip-Level Security – Alibaba Cloud Blockchain Service

Alibaba Cloud has launched the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) product, providing a secure, enterprise-level platform service for customers to build a trusted blockchain infrastructure.

By Qi Li

The blockchain technology is widely regarded as one of the most reliable solutions to solve the problems of decentralized architectures. Despite its popularity and benefits, blockchain is facing enormous challenges especially for enterprise-level applications because of the complexity of its configuration and deployment. Furthermore, conventional blockchain-based platforms and environment are not secure enough due to the lack of enterprise-level security control and risk prevention capabilities.

To tackle these problems, Alibaba Cloud has launched the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) product at The Computing Conference 2018. Alibaba Cloud BaaS is an enterprise-level platform service based on leading blockchain technologies, which helps you build a trusted cloud infrastructure.

Why Alibaba Cloud Blockchain Service?

Based on the on-chip encryption technology of the ECS Bare Metal Instance, Alibaba Cloud BaaS provides high-level security protection for your services. As the world's first blockchain product with Hyperledger Fabric and Intel SGX, Alibaba Cloud BaaS ensures your blockchain service is protected at the chip-level.

Alibaba Cloud BaaS supports mainstream open-source blockchain technologies such as Hyperledger Fabric and supports global deployment of a consortium blockchain network. What's more, instead of using traditional consortium networking solutions, Alibaba Cloud BaaS is built based on a Cloud Enterprise Network, which provides secure networking services for enterprises in different VPCs. All in all, Alibaba Cloud BaaS provides a secure, stable, and product-level blockchain environment for you to quickly create and deploy your blockchain services.

Features of Alibaba Cloud BaaS


Robust Security

  1. Chip-level encryption technologies
  2. Comprehensive security strategies, including attack defense, vulnerability protection, multi-dimensional security isolation, and account security protection
  3. Operation risk control and action trail

High Stability

  1. Highly reliable bottom-layer storage of the blockchain ledger (99.999999999%)
  2. End-to-end and highly available services
  3. Scale up quickly without interruption

Easy to Use

  1. One-click deployment of blockchain for enterprises

How It Works

Alibaba Cloud BaaS is built on Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes clusters. It leverages the capabilities of Alibaba Cloud in databases, security, maintenance, and computing. Alibaba Cloud BaaS provisions blockchain service based on multiple architectures, such as public cloud deployments and private cloud deployments.



Products Provenance

Industry: Retail, Medicine, Wine, Luxury Goods, Logistics, Government

Product provenance is used for verifying the authenticity of products as well as for determining the origin of a product. When a product quality or safety issue occurs, it is often difficult to trace and recall the product, as it is difficult to accurately pinpoint the responsible party. At the same time, the supply chain information are easy to be tampered with, leading to counterfeiting and other malicious practices.

Alibaba Cloud BaaS provides a transparent transaction history for the entire supply chain that is tamper-resistant. This is made possible because the transaction history is shared and acknowledged by multiple participants, and this service supports querying and auditing by consumers and regulatory authorities.

Supply Chain Finance

Industry: Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, Finance

In conventional transactions, the credit of enterprises cannot be shared securely among key enterprises and suppliers up and down the supply chain. As a result, it is very difficult and inefficient for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to secure funding. Supply chain information cannot be shared securely, causing funding issues and unnecessary delays.

Alibaba Cloud BaaS integrates transaction records, logistics, and capital flow to build a generally accepted, tamper-proof platform. Alibaba Cloud BaaS aims to benefit all parties in the supply chain by sharing the credit information of key enterprises without exposing other confidential information.

Get Alibaba Cloud BaaS for Free

Currently, Alibaba Cloud BaaS is in Beta release and is free to use. Supported regions are Singapore, US East, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and China. Try it for free now!

To learn more about Alibaba Cloud Blockchain as a Service, visit the official product page at www.alibabacloud.com/products/baas.

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