Community Blog Blogs of the Week – Ep. 8, 2024

Blogs of the Week – Ep. 8, 2024

Welcome to the eighth episode of Blogs of the Week in 2024, where we feature the most influential and trending topics from recent weeks.

The Alibaba Cloud community strives towards making the world more digitally connected and easing your information technology challenges.

Each week, we compile the hottest and most impactful content, including trending technologies, step-by-step tutorials, knowledge from industry professionals and important figures, and best practices with Alibaba Cloud customers.

Below are the five recommended articles and series from the past weeks specially curated from Alibaba Cloud community authors:

1. Start Your SaaS Journey on Alibaba Cloud

By ISV Team

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model where applications are hosted by a third-party provider and made available to customers over the internet. This article explores the challenges and best practices for startup companies looking to develop and deploy Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, and provides a comprehensive list of Alibaba Cloud products that are useful for SaaS deployment.

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2. A Complete Guide to Running an On-chain Business on ECS

By Cong Han

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to run an on-chain business on Alibaba Cloud's Elastic Compute Service (ECS). It also provides recommendations for selecting instance types and operating system images, and highlights the importance of security in running an on-chain business on ECS.

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3. Flink CDC 3.0| A Next-generation Real-time Data Integration Framework

By Qingsheng Ren and Leonard Xu

Flink CDC 3.0 is a cutting-edge real-time data integration framework based on Change Data Capture (CDC) technology. With advanced features such as incremental data synchronization, lock-free reading, and automatic schema change synchronization, Flink CDC aims to address the challenges of large data volumes and dynamic schema changes. This article outlines the design principles, architecture, and core features of Flink CDC 3.0, providing insights into its next-generation capabilities and how it solves real-time data integration challenges.

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4. Serverless Cost Optimization: Knative Supports Preemptible Instances

By Yuanyi and Xiangqian

This article explores the use of preemptible instances in Knative, a cloud-native and open-source serverless application orchestration framework. It provides an overview of both preemptible instances and Knative, highlighting the cost-effectiveness of using preemptible instances and the features of Knative.

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5. [Series] Database One-Click Deployment

This series of articles provides step-by-step guides on how to deploy various database-related applications and services on Alibaba Cloud using the one-click deployment feature through the Alibaba Cloud console. If you need to use scripting for automated deployment, you can refer to the other series.

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