Community Blog Blogs of the Week – Ep. 4, 2024

Blogs of the Week – Ep. 4, 2024

Each week, we compile the hottest and most impactful topics. Let’s take a look at the fourth episode of Blogs of the Week in 2024.

The Alibaba Cloud community strives towards making the world more digitally connected and easing your information technology challenges.

Each week, we compile the hottest and most impactful content, including trending technologies, step-by-step tutorials, knowledge from industry professionals and important figures, and best practices with Alibaba Cloud customers.

Below are the five recommended articles and series from the past weeks specially curated from Alibaba Cloud community authors:

1. Igniting the AI Revolution - A Journey with Qwen, RAG, and LangChain

By Farruh

This article provides an insightful overview of the AI Revolution, focusing particularly on the innovative technologies of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and LangChain. It emphasizes how RAG has advanced AI capabilities, allowing systems to generate human-like text and access relevant information in real time, resulting in contextually rich and precise responses. The piece also underlines the significance of understanding the key components—Generative AI, Large Language Models (LLMs), and LangChain—to navigate the AI landscape effectively.

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2. Setting Alibaba Cloud ECS Instance With NGINX Supporting PHP and MySQL

By Ferdin Joe

This article serves as a tutorial on setting up an Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance to run a web server with NGINX that supports PHP scripts and can connect to external MySQL databases like Apsara RDS and PolarDB. It provides step-by-step instructions and command-line inputs for users to successfully integrate PHP with NGINX on an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance.

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3. Unlocking Real-Time Insights: Harnessing the Power of Alibaba Cloud Managed Flink for Real-time Data Processing

By Aaron Berliano Handoko

This article introduces the importance of real-time data processing for businesses in Indonesia and highlights Apache Flink as a strategic tool for real-time data integration and analytics. The advantages of Flink, including support for various data sources, real-time ETL processes, and auto-scaling capability, are discussed. The article also provides a demo scenario showcasing the architecture and objectives of an experiment using multiple data sources.

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4. Elevating Your Media Strategy: A Stepwise Guide to MPS Implementation with VOD Insights

By Sunny Jovita

This article introduces the importance of video processing and how Alibaba Cloud's ApsaraVideo on Demand (ApsaraVOD) and ApsaraVideo Media Processing Services (MPS) provide comprehensive solutions for this. It details the use of these services for transcoding, rendering, quality control, and copyright protection. It also discusses the advantages of MPS, particularly for users who require specific transcoding functionalities at a lower cost point.

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5. Establishing IPSec-VPN Connections from On-Premise to Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN)

By James Lee

This article introduces how to establish a secure and accelerated network communication link from an on-premises data center to Alibaba Cloud using Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN). It provides a step-by-step process for creating network resources, configuring the Transit Router, and establishing IPSec-VPN connections for both inter-region and intra-region communications.

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