Community Blog Assess and Rehost an Application and Database from Virtualization Platform to Alibaba Cloud through CloudsBrain

Assess and Rehost an Application and Database from Virtualization Platform to Alibaba Cloud through CloudsBrain

We'll discuss the business advantages of migrating to Alibaba Cloud, and explain why you should use Click2Cloud CloudsBrain platform to ensure a seamless migration experience.

By Rupal Shirpurkar, Alibaba Cloud MVP and Business Head (Cloud BU - APAC) Click2Cloud Inc.

Why Migrate Your Application and Database from Virtual to Cloud?

A "virtual to cloud" migration is the process of moving data, applications, or other business workload to a cloud computing environment from a virtualization platform, such as VMWare, Hyper-V, XenServer, and KVM, to a cloud platform such as Alibaba Cloud.

Moving to the cloud has become a go-to strategy for many businesses as it provides companies with huge cost savings, scalable computing power, higher levels of security, better accessibility, more agility in deployment, and increased collaboration between teams in different regions. In fact, based on our research, 60% of companies have already migrated their workload to the cloud, and 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by the end of 2020.

However, migration may not as straightforward as many enterprises may have expected. On the one hand, businesses need to move to the cloud to be more agile, competitive, and flexible to provide better services to customers. On the other hand, businesses need to ensure that the migration is done without any risks for the business, including service disruptions, security flaws, compliance issues, and performance issues. Migration may also require re-educating the IT team to be well-versed with the latest cloud services.

Considerations Before Migration

Before performing any migration, you should first weigh the pros and cons of a cloud migration. For some applications, you may be better off with your existing platform. However, for many cases, especially for businesses looking for rapid growth, cloud migration is a necessity. You need to assess the feasibility of migrating your platform to the cloud, and anticipate potential barriers that you may face while performing the migration.

Rehosting virtual machines to the cloud, or even through a multi or hybrid cloud approach, is beneficial for saving costs on software and hardware, as well as for reducing the cost for maintaining infrastructure and network. By using CloudsBrain, your business can effortlessly reach your migration goals, and we'll show you how to achieve this in this blog.

Advantages of Moving from a Virtualization Platform to Alibaba Cloud Using CloudsBrain

We have previously discussed some of the business advantages of migrating from a virtualization platform to a cloud platform. In this section, we'll show you specifically the benefits of migrating to Alibaba Cloud using Click2Cloud's CloudsBrain platform.

Advantages of rehosting using CloudsBrain

Virtual to Cloud Migration Steps for Alibaba Cloud:

CloudsBrain Virtual to Cloud Migration Scenario

The above diagram is a demonstration of virtual to cloud migration using CloudsBrain. Before migration, the assessment of virtualization platform is done through CloudsBrain. For the migration process itself, a user needs to select Source and then the destination cloud, followed by the Account and the Zone.

CloudsBrain then displays a list of all the available VMs. User can then select the VM for migration and define "Immediate migration" or can schedule a migration. The progress of each migration can be viewed and also the previous migrations performed by the user, which helps the user in keeping track of his migration activities.

CloudsBrain migration module allows you to migrate your workload from any leading virtualization platform to Alibaba Cloud. Currently, CloudsBrain supports the following virtualization platforms:

Supporting Virtualization Platforms by CloudsBrain


Migrating your workload from a virtualization platform to Alibaba Cloud with CloudsBrain makes your business more agile, flexible, secure, scalable, and gives you access to many more features that comes with cloud computing. With CloudsBrain cloud computing systems, virtual migrations across data centers and resource pools will be greatly beneficial to data center administrators.

Connect the team at Click2Cloud.com for more details on smart and fast migrations.

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