Community Blog Apsara Conference 2021 | Alibaba Cloud Released the Fourth-Generation SHENLONG Architecture

Apsara Conference 2021 | Alibaba Cloud Released the Fourth-Generation SHENLONG Architecture

This short article discusses the release of the fourth generation SHENDLONG architecture and eRDMA.

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By Alibaba Cloud ECS

On October 20, at the Apsara Conference 2021, Alibaba Cloud released the fourth-generation SHENLONG architecture. The fourth-generation SHENLONG architecture basic performance has been comprehensively improved compared to the previous generation. Storage IOPS is 300%, network PPS is 100%, and network latency fell by 80%. At the same time, it was upgraded to a brand new eRDMA network architecture. It is the industry's first large-scale elastic RDMA acceleration capability. It has achieved a performance leap once again.


The storage IOPS is as high as three million, the network PPS is as high as 50 million, and the network latency is as low as five microseconds. Alibaba Cloud's fourth-generation SHENLONG architecture has set the industry's highest level once again. Based on the leading basic performance, the fourth-generation SHENLONG architecture will bring further performance improvements to common applications, such as databases, AI, and big data. The MySQL database performance has improved by 60%, and the NGINX SSL scenario is the highest at 420%.

The SHENLONG architecture is a new generation of software and hardware integrated virtualization technology developed by Alibaba Cloud that offloads the virtualization of a dedicated chip for processing and performs using a hardware-accelerated IO engine. It has ultra-high performance and flexibility and is the best carrier for cloud-native. In terms of security, the latest generation of SHENLONG is equipped with enterprise-level security chips with trusted computing and encrypted computing capabilities to achieve trusted tamper-proofing of the system and invisible data. Among them, the unique elastic RDMA acceleration capability of the fourth-generation SHENLONG architecture will benefit the vast number of Internet applications.

Elastic RDMA (eRDMA) is China's first large-scale RDMA acceleration capability on the cloud. It can improve the efficiency of large-scale distributed computing and communication significantly and expand dynamically with the cluster scale of Alibaba Cloud. It can build China's largest RDMA distributed computing network easily.

With the exponential expansion of Internet data volume, the scale of distributed computing in data centers is getting larger, and the overhead of large-scale Data Transmission Service among large-scale clusters is also increasing. Compared with traditional TCP networks, elastic RDMA can reduce the network communication latency caused by large-scale cluster network interconnection significantly, improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of distributed computing substantially, and help build larger-scale distributed computing applications on the cloud that support larger data volumes.

In AI deep learning scenarios, eRDMA can improve the training performance of large-scale distributed NLP and visual computing by 30%; in Spark big data scenarios, it can improve the computing performance of Spark large-scale distributed big data by 30%; in Redis KV database scenarios, it can improve the throughput of Redis hybrid read/write by 130%.

eRDMA enables RDMA networks to move from niche AI and HPC applications to support general-purpose computing scenarios, which will bring about innovation in computing architecture and enable more development of cloud-native technologies, such as Microservices, Serverless, and Service Mesh.

Since its launch in 2017, Alibaba Cloud servers are all based on the self-developed SHENLONG architecture and support a variety of elastic computing product forms, such as elastic bare metal, virtual machines, and elastic container instances, serving multiple industries, such as medical care, new government affairs, intelligent manufacturing, the Internet, and education. Jiang Jiangwei, Head of the Basic Product Division of Alibaba Cloud, said “Based on the SHENLONG architecture, Alibaba Cloud will continue to promote the universal benefits of high-quality computing power and continue to provide the driving force for social innovation.”

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