Community Blog Apsara Conference 2021 | Alibaba Cloud Released a Visual Computing Solution for the Large-Scale Landing of XR and Digital Twin Technologies

Apsara Conference 2021 | Alibaba Cloud Released a Visual Computing Solution for the Large-Scale Landing of XR and Digital Twin Technologies

This short article discusses Alibaba Cloud's latest solution for XR and digital twin technologies.

Watch the replay of the Apsara Conference 2021 at this link!

By Alibaba Cloud ECS


AR (augmented reality), MR (mixed reality), VR (virtual reality), other XR technologies, and digital twin technology applications have been applied quietly in production and life. For example, virtual simulation laboratories in teaching, digital factories in automobile production lines, smart communities, smart cities, smart ports that manage all elements of the region at 1:1 all use these technologies.

This is more realistic and interactive and will bring about new industrial changes. Related applications require a large amount of computing power for real-time rendering, and the cloud has become the only way in this field.

At the Digital Twin & Cloud XR Technology Helps Production, Research, and Innovation sub-forum during the Apsara Conference 2021, Alibaba Cloud officially released a complete set of visual computing solutions from rendering to streaming and coding and promoted the implementation of CloudXR technology in various industries.

This solution was built by Alibaba Cloud heterogeneous computing and partners, such as NVIDIA, Platform Cloud, 51World, and Suiguang XIMMERSE. It covers end-to-end aspects, such as computing power, platform, terminal, and application scenarios:

  • The IaaS layer provides the largest heterogeneous computing cluster and high-performance network in Asia to meet the requirements of high-fidelity 3D model rendering computing and low-latency transmission of dynamic images. Alibaba Cloud's unique elastic acceleration instance realizes the decoupling of GPU and CPU /memory. This allows enterprises to configure the most appropriate computing power by application and improve resource utilization.
  • The IaaS + layer is a deeply optimized service, developed with coding technology and video enhancement technology, which are unique advantages of Alibaba Cloud.
  • At the platform and application layers, Alibaba Cloud adheres to the integrated strategy and encapsulates common technology points efficiently to form common interfaces. Partners, such as XR terminals, visual cloud platforms, apps, and data can access them easily.


The delivery and deployment of traditional 3D visualization applications are very complex and inefficient. Offline deployment limits the expansion of computing power, offline deployment has more data breaches and software copyright risks, and non-standard interfaces affect the docking efficiency.

The Alibaba Cloud visual computing solution uses cloud delivery throughout its lifecycle to reduce the risk of data and copyright leakage. The global coverage of zones allows easy expansion of computing power and unified standard interfaces to improve deployment efficiency. We believe that the integrated industrial ecosystem on the cloud will help XR and digital twin technologies get implemented in industry and scientific research more quickly.

Pan Yue, the Head of Alibaba Cloud Heterogeneous Computing Products, says the solution applies to industrial design, intelligent manufacturing, education and training, medical treatment, park and city management, and other fields. It reduces training and experimental costs and improves management and teaching efficiency substantially.

Users in the home design industry can view houses and properties three-dimensionally through this solution. Users can view decorations and layouts and improve the purchase intention of end customers, increasing order efficiency by 50% and rendering efficiency three times over.

Based on this solution, Alibaba Cloud and Parallel Cloud have launched an engineering experimental teaching platform at Tsinghua University. The platform has served 9 majors, 16 courses, and 32 experiments, supporting more than 700 students and 20,000 hours of experiments.

Note: The products and solutions involved in this article are currently only published on the Alibaba Cloud domestic website. You are welcome to leave a message if you have an interest in an international version!

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