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The Rejuvenation of RocketMQ Ten Years after Becoming Open-Source

This short article discusses the release of RocketMQ 5.0.

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By Baiyu

Released by Alibaba Cloud Developer

Open-source is breaking the traditional organizational structure and business model through Openness, Sharing, Peering, Collaboration, and Acting Globally. The operation logic of the industrial economy era has been subverted and reconstructed gradually, which has had a profound impact on the thinking mode of practitioners, business behavior, and organizational governance.

The open-source field in China has witnessed rapid development over the past ten years. According to the Insight Report of Open-Source in China in 10 Years released at the Apsara Conference, the number of open-source warehouses, the number of active developers, the overall popularity, and developer participation have all increased significantly. The level of automation in the production line of open-source software has also increased significantly, and automation collaboration has shown a rapid growth trend since 2019. Multiple open-source KOLs continue to be highly active in open-source projects.

RocketMQ, a message-oriented middleware launched in 2011, has also witnessed a decade of development in the open-source field in China. It has become one of the most dazzling representative projects among Alibaba's many open-source projects. RocketMQ is the first Chinese Internet middleware to become one of Apache's top-level projects. It also plays a huge role in the Internet of Things, big data, and other fields, benefiting millions of enterprises and developers and promoting the development of the social economy and Internet technology.

Over the past decade, RocketMQ has been adhering to the development idea of the trinity of open-source, commerce, and internal development. Kernel evolution and functional iteration are coordinated. In the core procedures, such as transactions within the group, RocketMQ has handled traffic peaks of all previous Double 11 Shopping Festivals perfectly, setting a record of more than two trillion news flows. In business, RocketMQ has served tens of thousands of enterprise customers across many industries, such as the Internet, finance, government, and enterprises. In open-source, the community has always maintained a high degree of participation and has a super large-scale active exchange group in China. ISSUE has also included a large number of high-quality topics and problem discussions from all over the world.

After the release of version 4.0 in 2017, RocketMQ ushered in version 5.0 after a five-year lapse, officially transforming its use scenarios from message orientation to the integration of event, message, and stream. As a major update five years after the release of version 4.0 in 2017, version 5.0 has reshaped the architecture on a large scale. It has added and modified more than 60% of the code and achieved seamless compatibility with all the functions and the overall architecture of version 4.0, without introducing any external dependencies.

RocketMQ 5.0 adheres to diversified scenarios and extremely elastic service capabilities and provides an architecture featuring storage-computing separation for multiple scenarios. In the Streaming and Eventing fields with new layouts, RocketMQ comprehensively develops upstream and downstream integration capabilities and adopts the idea of development compatibility to adapt to the existing open-source ecosystem. For example, regarding Flink integration, RocketMQ implements the basic functions and operators of Flink and becomes compatible with Flink/Blink SQL standards and UDFs/UDAFs/UDTFs for the first time.

Alibaba has been drawing from open-source and contributing to open-source for some time. Open-source allows Alibaba's technologies to communicate and co-evolve with global technologies. At the Apsara Conference – Internet Architecture Sub-Forum on October 22, Alibaba Cloud released the new RocketMQ 5.0. It brings the new architecture practice of storage-compute separation and the benchmarking function of event-message-stream integration so more enterprises can obtain the same technical capability as Alibaba!

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