Community Blog APITable x Alibaba Cloud Compute Nest: More Convenient and Cost-Effective Self-Hosting on the Cloud

APITable x Alibaba Cloud Compute Nest: More Convenient and Cost-Effective Self-Hosting on the Cloud

This short article discusses APITable and its latest collaboration with Alibaba Cloud.

By APITable

APITable x Alibaba Cloud Compute Nest

Recently, APITable announced a partnership with Alibaba Cloud Compute Nest. APITable is an incredibly simple and powerful work management software. Specifically, APITable is an API-oriented multidimensional spreadsheet and a tool that can build software systems, fully stimulating the digital creativity of each user and enterprise employee. Moreover, it is also a zero-code, flexible, and customized data middle platform that allows ordinary people to acquire IT capabilities. APITable can break down the barriers between software and achieve data flow between various systems through internationally standardized open APIs, connecting all work information with each other.


APITable (and its Chinese version Vika) has provided a full lifecycle digital solution covering project management, marketing, finance, taxation management, human resources administration, and office collaboration for more than 20,000 companies and organizations in 30 countries, including public cloud and private deployment requirements.

Leveraging Alibaba Cloud Compute Nest, APITable can realize cloud-based intelligent deployment, simplify and automate enterprise business system construction and data management, and provide flexible and rich digital office solutions for enterprises.

Compute Nest is not the only technology partnership APITable has with Alibaba Cloud. APITable uses many Alibaba Cloud products (such as Container Service ACK, Apsara PolarDB, Message Queue for RabbitMQ, and ApsaraDB for Redis). The innovation they bring to empower their products won APITable the second prize in the PolarDB Global Hackathon 2023 as a project.

One-Click Automated Deployment Improves Delivery Efficiency by Ten

The cooperation between APITable and Alibaba Cloud Compute Nest provides users with another choice of cloud-based private automated deployment. This is also a high-quality solution for enterprises and organizations that want to ensure their data security and privacy and reduce local deployment resource costs.


Alibaba Cloud Compute Nest provides automated service delivery and deployment processes without manual intervention, realizing user service self-subscription and reducing marginal delivery costs. The automation of software creation, deployment, and delivery standardization in the whole solution directly improves efficiency by ten and reduces the cost of obtaining and managing services for users.

Stable and Secure Makes Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Easier

Compared with traditional deployment solutions, the cooperation between APITable and Alibaba Cloud Compute Nest integrates the entire process of cloud server ECS, load balancing SLB, VPC network planning, NAT gateway, etc., into the Compute Nest platform for deployment.

Customers can order high-performance and cost-effective computing resources based on their actual business needs, significantly reducing the complexity of deployment configuration, intensively deploying and managing application services, and reducing operating costs by more than 50%. Meanwhile, it also covers the full lifecycle of application services and improves operation and maintenance efficiency by more than ten.

For example, Alibaba Cloud g8a instances built on the new fourth-generation AMDEPYC processors can provide customers with strong computing power to help them achieve business innovation, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.


For many enterprise users, the perceived efficiency change is where the value of the solution lies. In addition to efficiency, stability, and security are also essential considerations.

Based on the Alibaba Cloud Compute Nest, APITable can easily handle everything from passive response to active risk prevention. The Compute Nest provides periodic application health checks to fundamentally prevent problems from occurring. Once a fault occurs, it is reported immediately with zero delays, eliminating the need to wait for user feedback. The intelligent fault diagnosis system can quickly locate problems and improve repair efficiency. A one-stop, integrated, and full-link approach ensures the stability and security of enterprise users' businesses.

Building the Software System Freely with a Cloud-Based Private Deployment

Enterprise digital transformation is imperative, but it involves multiple business departments or the overall digitization of tools and systems of the company, with an equal amount of requirements and costs. As an incredibly simple and powerful work management software, APITable can quickly build business systems or tools without code/low code and connect the spreadsheet with other software to achieve data exchange, build efficient workflows, and significantly reduce the threshold and procurement costs of enterprise software through API interface integration.


Through strong cooperation with Alibaba Cloud Compute Nest, APITable easily achieves cloud-based private deployment, combining the easy management and operation features of public clouds with the security and privacy of local private deployment, enhancing its efficiency and user experience in software installation, deployment, delivery, and subsequent operation and maintenance management and helping enterprise users promote digitalization and achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.

Currently, APITable's Chinese version, Vika, is already available on the Alibaba Cloud Market/Compute. Enterprises, organizations, and teams in need can try it today.

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