Community Blog Alibaba Cloud SAP Partner Summit for SME Singapore: Embracing Openness and Win-Win in the Cloud Era

Alibaba Cloud SAP Partner Summit for SME Singapore: Embracing Openness and Win-Win in the Cloud Era

This article introduces the SAP SME Partner Summit, where Alibaba Cloud and SAP SME enhance strategic cooperation to empower SMEs with cloud solutions.

The SAP SME partnership summit provides a comprehensive platform for partners to keep abreast of the situation, keep in touch, and keep in line with the ecosystem of SAP SMEs. At this summit, Alibaba Cloud deepened its strategic cooperation with SAP SME, focusing on cloud technology empowerment and ecosystem co-construction,Jointly promote the development of enterprise service market. With its powerful cloud computing capabilities, Alibaba Cloud provides a stable, efficient, and secure cloud environment for SAP Business-One and other solutions, helping small and medium-sized enterprises realize digital transformation and meeting the needs of rapid deployment and on-demand expansion in the cloud era.

Through the summit platform, Alibaba Cloud integrates multiple resources within the SAP SME ecosystem, builds an integrated service matrix for small and medium-sized enterprises, actively explores innovative cloud business models and application scenarios, and customizes solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Alibaba Cloud joined hands with SAP SME to launch a One-stop solution for SAP Business-One on Alibaba Cloud. Based on the computing nest technology, convenient deployment, sales, and O&M are realized. This solution allows partners to use the existing SAP Business-One OEM license, and will also introduce packaging solutions including SAP Business-One OEM license, related software licenses, and underlying cloud resources.This cooperation model significantly enhances the service reach range, profit margin, customer service capability and system security of partners, enabling SAP Business-One partners to quickly deploy solutions in the Alibaba Cloud global data center network, flexibly provide value-added services, and ensure that customers enjoy the excellent experience of seamless integration,So as to achieve a win-win business goal.


Highlights of the Conference

Selina Yuan, President of Alibaba Cloud's international Business, delivered a keynote speech, analyzing the layout of Alibaba Cloud in the Asia-Pacific region in depth and detailing the blueprint for cooperation with SAP Business-One to create a future.

Subsequently, the head of the Alibaba Cloud international technology ecosystem program Jason Xu demonstrated through vivid videos,Demonstrates the efficiency and convenience of SAP Business-One application Compute Nest deployment on the Alibaba Cloud platform. In this grand meeting, Global Senior VP at SAP Joost Tigelaar and Selina Yuan were invited together,Leave a solemn signature on the flag of "WE LOVE BUSINESS-ONE", which symbolizes unity and LOVE, implying the close cooperation between the two sides. At the same time, Selina Yuan awarded the honor of "Alibaba Cloud international honorary ambassador" to Head of SAP Business One-APJ & GC Justin Ho,This is to commend its persistent patience and firm support for building the partnership between the two sides.

The round-table forum focuses on the new development plan of SAP Business-One and discusses how Alibaba Cloud will play a key role in the future evolution of Business-One products,Jointly draw a new chapter of digital transformation.


Alibaba Cloud Cooperates with SAP SME to Promote ERP Migration to the Cloud

Facing the global market, SAP SME-One is accelerating its transformation to the cloud among SAP Business's three major products to respond to the growing demand for public cloud deployment. Alibaba Cloud joins hands with SAP SME,With its strong AI technology strength, starting from the Asia-Pacific region, it actively promotes the ERP cloud migration process of small and medium-sized enterprises around the world, expands and prospers the channel ecosystem of SAP SME, and realizes a win-win cloud development strategy.

The cooperation between Alibaba Cloud and SAP SME began with the in-depth cooperation in the Chinese market in 2018,Alibaba Cloud has successfully passed SAP Business-One's authoritative certification of Alibaba Cloud ECS and has become One of its core cloud strategic partners. In the Chinese market, Alibaba Cloud strongly supports running a variety of solutions, including SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud Edition.

The SAP SME-SAP Business cooperation model with One OEM has created a complete cloud service product that includes ERP application suites for Alibaba Cloud International in the global market, supplemented the types of application products of Alibaba Cloud in the global small and medium-sized enterprise market, and can become a stepping stone for new customers in some countries and regions.This product is mainly sold through SAP channels in various countries. For SAP channels in various countries, cloud services that contain SAP Business-One software can be obtained most directly. By using the computing nest tool, SAP Business-One can be easily deployed on the cloud,And provides an operation management tool similar to SaaS. For SAP SME, in the future product development path of SAP Business-One, we have found a hyperscaler with global public cloud resources and technical strength, and is willing and determined to invest resources to jointly develop and cooperate,It paved the way for SAP SME to implement the cloud strategy in the future.

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