Community Blog Anolis OS and OpenAnolis: From Basic Software to Cloud Native

Anolis OS and OpenAnolis: From Basic Software to Cloud Native

This article is based on the on-site sharing of Ma Tao, a researcher at Alibaba Group and head of the operating system of Alibaba Cloud Basic Software Department.


On October 20, 2021, at the 2021 Apsara Conference Cloud Computing Industry Upgrade Summit, Alibaba Cloud's cloud-native map of "born from the cloud" was released, covering elastic computing, cloud networks, basic products, infrastructure, operating systems, cloud security, open platforms, and other seven IaaS areas. Furthermore, the cloud-native application platform, database, big data & AI, intelligent loT, Apsara DevOps platform, enterprise service cloud, video cloud, DingTalk and other Alibaba Cloud core technologies in eight PaaS & SaaS fields are unveiled one by one.

This article is based on the on-site sharing of Ma Tao, a researcher at Alibaba Group and head of the operating system of Alibaba Cloud Basic Software Department.

Hello everyone! I am the head of the Alibaba Cloud Operating System Team and the chairman of OpenAnolis. People may think that the operating system is a basic and traditional topic, and ask "how can it be related to cloud native and be such a hot topic?"

I joined Alibaba Cloud in 2013. During this period, I was thinking about how to make the basic software and the operating system cloud-native. Cloud computing started with virtual machine mode. Later, with the deployment of containers and Kubernetes, the operating system plays an important role in software implementation. For example, the earliest container uses functions such as Cgroup and Namespace in the operating system to make the container run better and faster. Now let's look at how the entire operating system is cloud-native. The key points are elasticity, stability, and security.


When it comes to elasticity, we are considering how the operating system provides the best elasticity for "cloud" services, whether they are elastic computing services or cloud-native services, such as ECI, function computing, and other instances. Therefore, we created the cloud-native underlying system in Alibaba: Kangaroo.

What functions can Kangaroo provide? Basically, it can provide the ultimate high-density and elasticity for containers. Our Kangaroo Secure Container and Alibaba Cloud Security Sandbox can display 3,000 containers in 30 seconds and at the same time run more than 2,000 containers on a single machine. This is a big challenge in the operating system field. For the next decade of cloud computing, Kangaroo cloud-native underlying system has implemented serverless performance optimization and random elasticity.

When it comes to stability, the stability on the cloud is different from the stability we usually mention. What is the difference? The stability of Alibaba Cloud has been tempered and improved by large-scale deployment and practice on the cloud. Therefore, the stability of the operating system on Alibaba Cloud is one to two times higher than that of any other known stable operating system. The OpenAnolis system, which is based on Alibaba Cloud's ten-year accumulation of operating system technology, has inherent CentOS replacement experience and excellent stability.

We have made many innovations in Alibaba Cloud's operating system. Today, we hope to share these innovations with our partners in the industry. This morning, Jiang Jiangwei, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud's Intelligent Infrastructure Division, announced that Alibaba Cloud has released and opened a new operating system "Anolis OS". At the same time, Operating System Laboratory in Alibaba DAMO Academy was established. Through the Anolis OS and OpenAnolis, we will share the cloud-based operating system technologies we have accumulated in Alibaba Cloud and provide technical support for at least 10 years. We also hope to work with our community partners to make the overall basic software cloud-native, influence and promote the overall evolution of basic software.

Finally, I would like to say that although basic software is a basic component, it is affected by the cloud during the evolution process. We are pleased to see that Alibaba Cloud has taken a small step in the field of basic software that has evolved due to the cloud. We also hope that through the Anolis OS and OpenAnolis, we can make a big step in the field of basic software together with our partners.

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