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Introduction to OpenAnolis and Anolis OS

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About OpenAnolis

Founded in September 2020, OpenAnolis is an international open-source community and innovation platform for operating systems. It is committed to building a Linux open-source distribution and open-source innovation technology through open community cooperation. Its goal is to promote the prosperity and development of software, hardware, and application ecology, and jointly create new sources and infrastructure for digital development.

The community council consists of 24 leading enterprises from around the world, including Alibaba Cloud, Uniontech, Loongson, Arm, Intel, and more. Nearly 600 partners have participated in ecological co-construction, achieving full coverage of mainstream chip collaborative research and development mechanisms, mainstream middleware/databases, and mainstream OEM manufacturers. Over 100 products have successfully adapted to the OpenAnolis operating system (Anolis OS). Currently, OpenAnolis has served over 800,000 users.

OpenAnolis has established about 60 SIG working groups, with an average monthly contribution of 5,000 PR. It has achieved technological innovation in core areas such as chips, kernel, compiler, security, virtualization, and cloud-native, consistently ranking at the top of the Linux community rankings. The community has released several community versions, including Anolis LoongArch GA, Anolis OS 7.9, 8.4, 8.6, and more.

To assist users affected by the suspension of CentOS service, OpenAnolis launched the "CentOS suspension zone" on its official website in December 2021. This zone provides migration solutions and long-term stable support, aiming to become the preferred alternative to CentOS. Anolis OS offers various product advantages for users' operating system migrations, including a systematic solution AOMS, multiple supporting tools, compatibility with the CentOS ecosystem, differentiated core technologies, rich scenario verification, and user migration case practices.


About Anolis OS

Anolis OS offers two different versions of RHCK and ANCK kernels. Through the "Double 11" experience, it has demonstrated a 40% improvement in performance and stability in typical user scenarios on the cloud. Additionally, it reduces the failure rate by 50% and is compatible with the CentOS ecosystem. Anolis OS provides a seamless migration solution for CentOS and boasts full-stack national security capabilities. The latest long-term support version, Anolis OS 8.6, has been released and includes self-developed features by OpenAnolis. It supports X86_64, RISC-V, Arm64, and LoongArch architectures, making it perfectly adaptable to mainstream chips such as Intel, Phytium, Hygon, Zhaoxin, Kunpeng, and Loongson. You can download it from this link: https://openanolis.cn/download?lang=en

The next-generation OpenAnolis operating system, Anolis OS 23 public beta version, has also been officially released. You can find the download link here: https://mirrors.openanolis.cn/anolis/23/isos/BETA/

Currently, Anolis OS has an installed capacity of up to 3 million. Many enterprises have released commercial derivative versions based on the OpenAnolis operating system, serving over 300,000 users in government, finance, energy, communications, transportation, and other industries. Anolis OS is the first OS solution in China to provide full software national security algorithms at the operating system level. It has undergone extensive optimization of the kernel SM4 algorithm, resulting in an impressive performance improvement of nearly 800%. This advancement allows China's national security algorithm to move from compliance to production application. The community has successfully completed product compatibility testing and certification with 30 manufacturers. This covers more than 70 commercial products, including databases, middleware, OEM, cloud platforms, and industrial applications. OpenAnolis actively promotes the establishment of container storage standards, virtualization standards, C++20 standards, and confidential computing standards.

OpenAnolis official website: https://openanolis.cn/?lang=en

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