Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Serverless Products Reaches 66% of Serverless Users in China

Alibaba Cloud Serverless Products Reaches 66% of Serverless Users in China

In a recent report by CAICT, 66% of serverless users in China are using Alibaba Cloud serverless products, making it the preferred choice in the region.

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By Alibaba Cloud Serverless

In the China Cloud-Native User Survey Report 2020 released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), Alibaba Cloud's suite of serverless products is regarded as one of the first choices for serverless users in China. Alibaba Cloud's serverless products have been battle-tested during the Double 11 Shopping Festival and have obtained abundant application practices across multiple industries. In addition, a total of 66% of serverless users in China are using Alibaba Cloud serverless products, which makes it the preferred choice in the region.


Alibaba Cloud Function Compute: Widely Chosen and Used

Alibaba Cloud is one of the leading cloud computing vendors to provide serverless computing services. Alibaba Cloud Function Compute (FC) is a popular serverless product that supports both reservation/usage combined scaling and pay-as-you-go billing. Alibaba Cloud FC supports more than one million functions, hundreds of billions of calls per month, and is capable of handling cold boot in 50ms, hot restore in 3ms, and elastic scaling in just hundreds of milliseconds. Alibaba Cloud FC is also able to stably handle the peak QPS during Alibaba Group's Double 11 Festival. At the Trusted Cloud Summit (TRUCS) 2020 held by CAICT on July, Alibaba Cloud FC was the first to pass the Trusted Cloud Function as a Service (FaaS) Certification with full marks in all 21 tests.

Alibaba Cloud is committed to building a leading Serverless developer ecosystem. Alibaba Cloud FC provides a complete set of back-end cloud services and developer tools, such as EventBridge, Serverless Workflow, developer framework, CLI tools, and Web Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Moreover, considering developer experience, Alibaba Cloud FC also provides Serverless-tools and Serverless application center to build a more open and standard Serverless community without vendor binding. In addition, Alibaba Cloud FC supports container images to integrate deeply with the container ecosystem.

Alibaba Cloud SAE: A Dark Horse in Serverless Field

In CAICT's survey, Alibaba Cloud's Serverless App Engine (SAE) has an outstanding performance like a "dark horse". Alibaba Cloud SAE is an application-oriented product of Serverless PaaS. SAE offers users benefits of Alibaba Cloud's Serverless, Kubernetes, and microservices, requiring no threshold, modification, and container base. So, it is more suitable for PaaS users.

Comparison between Non-Serverless Solution and SAE


Compared with other Serverless products, SAE requires no modification to the programming model or business code. The migration cost from ECS to SAE is very low. In addition, SAE enables users to start or stop the development of test environment with one click. Users can use the environment as needed and be charged by minute. SAE also provides various elasticity policies to support elastic scheduling and monitoring, which allows users to save costs even in ordinary business scenarios. Besides, SAE needs no manual O&M and automatically integrates multiple infrastructures, such as SLB, SLS, and NAS. SAE also supports WAR, JAR, and image deployment, allowing users without container base to enjoy technical benefits of Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes.

Diverse Scenarios and Abundant Practices

Alibaba Cloud's serverless products have been applied to a wide range of industries, and has been supporting Alibaba Group's ecosystem including Taobao, Tmall, Alipay, DingTalk, Fliggy, Xianyu, and Yuque. Furthermore, Alibaba Cloud's serverless products also help tens of thousands of customers to adopt a serverless approach, including Weibo, Shimo, Genshuixue, Timing, and Unilever. Alibaba Cloud's serverless products cover a wide variety of scenarios and industries, including front-end full stack, applet development, new retail, online gaming, and online education.

For example, Alibaba Cloud FC supports personalized picture processing, hundred milliseconds level of elastic scaling, billions of requests processing daily on Weibo, lowering its overall cost by 35%. Another example, SAE supports Timing's online education for 7 million users. SAE also helps the Serverless transformation of Timing's microservices architecture without any modifications, reducing its computing cost by 30%.

These serverless practices are supported by four core technologies of Alibaba Cloud infrastructure, which are the fourth generation X-Dragon Architecture, Alibaba Cloud Sandbox Container 2.0, Alibaba Cloud NAS, and Alibaba Cloud Network. They are the solid foundation of Alibaba Cloud's serverless products and provide strong core competitiveness. In addition to Alibaba Cloud FC and SAE, Alibaba Cloud's serverless products also include Serverless Kubernetes for container orchestration and ECI for container instances. Alibaba Cloud's serverless product family is currently the most complete Serverless product family among all current cloud vendors.

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