Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS: Higher Performance with Greater Protection

Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS: Higher Performance with Greater Protection

Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS has arrived! Learn how this new product helps provide higher performance and greater protection for your cloud computing resources.

One year after the launch of Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 (formerly Aliyun Linux 2), Alibaba Cloud officially released Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS. The release of the LTS edition marks an important milestone for Alibaba Cloud Linux 2. It signifies that Alibaba Cloud will provide long-term support, stable updates, and improved services for Alibaba Cloud Linux 2, offering greater assurance to the users of this product.

Following the release of Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS, Alibaba Cloud will provide software maintenance and bug fix services for up to five years, from March 27, 2019 to March 31, 2024. The following are the services:

Free service and support: Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS customers can solicit free support from Alibaba Cloud through DingTalk, the Alibaba Cloud ticket system, or the corresponding community.

Continuous software updates and integration: Customers will enjoy up to five years of maintenance, with continuous software updates and integration. An update will be provided at least once every four months.

Problem and CVE fixes: Alibaba Cloud will provide support to rapidly resolve problems and fix common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs).


Performance and Stability

Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS focuses more on performance and stability improvements.

Startup optimization: The operating system startup process is optimized, increasing startup performance by 40% compared to Alibaba Cloud Linux 2. The startup time is reduced by 60% compared with other operating systems.

Runtime optimization: With the optimization of the scheduling, memory, file system, and other subsystems, Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS has shown a 10% to 30% performance increase in various benchmark tests compared with other operating systems.

Improved stability: Alibaba Cloud provides comprehensive quality assurance for Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS. It has been proved in the Alibaba economy, and we can promptly identify and solve relevant problems. Therefore, we ensure that Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS is over 50% lower than other operating systems in terms of the probability of downtime.


Multi-Architecture Support

While improving performance and stability, Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS also provides users with additional features.

Multi-architecture support: x86 CPUs are fully supported, including Intel Cooper Lake, Intel Ice Lake, AMD Milan, AMD Rome, and Hygon. Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS also supports multiple ARM CPUs, such as Kunpeng.


Resource Isolation

Enhanced resource isolation: Based on the namespace isolation capability of the kernel, Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS provides additional resource isolation measures for hybrid container deployment scenarios. This improves inter-container isolation and ensures the stability of applications in containers.


Application Software

A wide range of application software: Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS incorporates a great deal of open-source software. It also provides customers with excellent Alibaba open-source software, including Dragonwell, Tengine, and Dragonfly.


Security Features and Auto Repair

User data security is our top priority, and security protection is always our focus. Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 released China's first CIS benchmark. Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS further provides a number of security features.

Automatic repair solution and security alert center:

1. Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS provides an automatic CVE repair solution for users. This solution can be applied without user awareness through a simple configuration, greatly improving the security repair capabilities of the system.
2. Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS also has its own security alert center to provide users with CVE tracking, fixes, and records.


Trust solution: Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS offers a set of security solutions for users, providing a security baseline for system integrity and tracing capabilities for illegal tampering. This solution combines TPM2, IMA, kernel module signing, and other security features. As such, this solution provides security and reliability from the chip to key applications and can improve the system's comprehensive defense capabilities.



The Linux operating system is a very large and complex open-source system. The continuous evolution of the entire system requires more than maintenance by a professional team. We hope that more enterprises, individuals, and communities can work together to ensure that the operating system can better serve more people. We invite more customers to use Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS. If you encounter any problems, please report them to help us make Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS even better.

Learn more about Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS through the following pages:

Product page: https://www.alibabacloud.com/products/alinux

GitHub address: https://alibaba.github.io/cloud-kernel/os.html

Mailing list: https://alibaba.github.io/cloud-kernel/MAILLIST.html

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