Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Awarded HPC China 2020 "Best Industry Application Award"

Alibaba Cloud Awarded HPC China 2020 "Best Industry Application Award"

Alibaba Cloud won the "Best Industry Application Award in HPC" at the HPC CHINA 2020 Conference for its contribution in the transportation and medical industries.

At the HPC CHINA 2020 Conference, Alibaba Cloud won the "Best Industry Application Award in High Performance Computing" for its contribution in improving car simulation efficiency and drug development efficiency. Specialized Committee in HPC of China Computer Federation (CCF) awarded Alibaba Cloud for the outstanding performance of its Elastic High Performance Computing platform (E-HPC) and Super Computing Cluser (SCC) products, which are widely used in the industry.

Alibaba Cloud wins "Best Industry Application Award in High Performance Computing" at the HPC CHINA 2020 conference

As one of the first cloud service providers that launched on-cloud supercomputing in China, Alibaba Cloud's Elastic High-performance Computing platform (E-HPC) uses its own X-Dragon Cloud Server to achieve supercomputing clusters with no virtualization loss.

Alibaba Cloud also integrates its elastic computing, storage, and network technologies to launch the supercomputing portfolio, namely, E-HPC and Super Computing Cluster (SCC). Characterized by stable cloud computing, efficient O&M, quickness, elasticity, and resource pooling, this portfolio provides a complete on-cloud HPC environment for HPC applications in various vertical industries. In addition, this portfolio also helps enterprises achieve cloud migration of data management, migration, computing, and visualization. Thus, it helps enterprises reduce costs, improve efficiency, and accelerate business innovation.

Zhang Xiantao, researcher of Alibaba and director of Alibaba Cloud's intelligent elastic computing

At the Conference in Zhengzhou, Zhang Xiantao, researcher of Alibaba and director of Alibaba Cloud's intelligent elastic computing, delivered a speech entitled "Elastic Computing Helps HPC All in Cloud.

"In theory, what elastic computing builds is a supercomputer. Essentially, it refers to the resource pooling and on-demand scheduling under the cloud operating system, providing ultimate performance, elasticity, and service continuity. Alibaba Cloud's on-cloud supercomputing capabilities are built based on its X-Dragon Cloud Server, Network Attached Storage (NAS), SCC, Cloud Parallel File Storage (CPFS), E-HPC, and Cloud Desktop. If traditional supercomputers are like mountain peaks, then Alibaba Cloud's on-cloud supercomputing is like wide grasslands in HPC. This metaphor means that Alibaba Cloud's on-cloud supercomputing provides a more universal coverage of HPC." – Zhang Xiantao

Currently, Alibaba Cloud's E-HPC has been widely used in life science research, manufacturing industry, education and scientific research, petroleum exploration, film special effects, and other fields. E-HPC also supports long-term and stable operation of computing tasks from enterprises, such as Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC MOTOR), Geely Auto, Global Health Drug Research and Development Center (GHDDI), MORE VFX, Light Chaser Animation. Alibaba Cloud's E-HPC won the HPC CHINA 2018 "Best Product Innovation Award" and the HPC CHINA 2020 "Best Industry Application Award in High Performance Computing". This indicates that the Specialized Committee in HPC of CCF highly recognizes the contribution of Alibaba Cloud in accelerating the application of HPC in industrial scenarios.

Dr He Wanqing, director of Alibaba Cloud's E-HPC

With the in-depth understanding of users from different industries, Alibaba Cloud's E-HPC has been comprehensively upgraded into E-HPC 2.0. After the upgrade, E-HPC 2.0 can provide various new features for its better application in different vertical industries. At the forum on "Alibaba Cloud's SCC for elastic high performance computing" at the HPC CHINA 2020 conference, Dr. He Wanqing, director of Alibaba Cloud's E-HPC, introduced new features of E-HPC 2.0 in detail. These new features include job scaling, job templates, dynamic metering and HPC Tune, etc. These innovative features meet the needs of HPC scenarios, such as manufacturing simulation, life science research, meteorological computing, and petroleum exploration. They help users improve scientific research efficiency and accelerate industrial innovation. At the same time, Xu Li, senior technical expert of Alibaba Cloud, introduced Alibaba Cloud's CPFS, which was specifically developed for on-cloud supercomputing. CPFS has realized parallel storage of on-cloud supercomputing.

Alibaba Cloud's E-HPC

At present, Geely Auto, an automobile manufacturer in China, has significantly improved the simulation efficiency by nearly 30% through SCC. The time for vehicle model design and market launch is also reduced by several months. GHDDI uses Alibaba Cloud's E-HPC to increase the computing speed of drug research and development by 8 to 20 times. MORE VFX, the rendering producer of the film Wandering Earth, also adopts the horizontal and vertical elastic scalability of Alibaba Cloud's E-HPC, greatly saving the workload of its IT department. In the future, Alibaba Cloud's E-HPC will continue to penetrate into industrial scenarios to empower more customers in the industry.

Learn how Alibaba Cloud is supporting COVID-19 research through High Performance Computing in this webinar: Alibaba Cloud HPC Empower Computational-Driven-Drug-Discovery for Fighting COVID-19

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