Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Launches a Series of Cloud Native Databases at the Apsara Conference 2020

Alibaba Cloud Launches a Series of Cloud Native Databases at the Apsara Conference 2020

Learn why more than 100,000 enterprise users choose ApsaraDB services, and more than 400,000 database instances have been migrated to Alibaba Cloud.

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At the Apsara Conference 2020 held on September 18, Li Feifei, Vice President of Alibaba Group, Chief Database Scientist of Alibaba DAMO Academy, and Head of Database Business Group of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, officially announced the release and upgrading of PolarDB-X, AnalyticDB, Data Lake Analytics (DLA), Lindorm. Since then, Alibaba Cloud has officially upgraded its databases to the era of cloud-native databases.

AnalyticDB Makes Big Data Easy for Developers

In the field of data analysis, traditional user-created analysis systems face a series of challenges, such as poor scalability, high construction costs, and complex systems. Users cannot give full play to the value of data.

Alibaba Cloud continues to explore and upgrade AnalyticDB. AnalyticDB has the features of auto scaling, massive storage, and online and offline integration, and is fully compatible with the database ecosystem. AnalyticDB makes big data easy for developers, helping enterprises easily explore and use the value of data.

Li Feifei, Vice President of Alibaba Group and Head of the Database Business Group of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

AnalyticDB for MySQL was upgraded and you can use the features of time-sharing elasticity of computing resources, tiered storage of cold and hot data, and resource group isolation. It meets users' demands for resources for differentiated workloads, effectively meets data analysis performance, and greatly reduces enterprise data analysis costs.

The multi-master feature and self-developed laser engine of AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL were released. The multi-master feature supports linear scaling of concurrency to easily handle high-concurrency scenarios. The Laser engine developed by Alibaba Cloud doubles the performance of the native Greenplum engine, ensuring real-time analysis and computing.

In this year's TPC-H and TPC-DS the most authoritative database performance benchmark tests, AnalyticDB set two new performance and cost-effectiveness records and won the top prize. At the Zhejiang Science and Technology Awards, AnalyticDB won the Scientific and Technological Progress Award due to its excellent performance and its important role in the transformation of traditional data warehouses.

DLA Released Its End-to-End Data Lake Management Solution

To help enterprises quickly build a data lake, the end-to-end data lake analytics services of Data Lake Analytics) (DLA) were released. DLA is an end-to-end data lake management solution, and this launch ushers in a new era for serverless data lake management, analysis, and computing. DLA supports automatic metadata discovery, management, and updates. It provides the full incremental data lake creation and end-to-end serverless computing and analysis. The new Serverless Spark feature is more cost-effective than user-created systems, which now has a 300% percent increase in cost-effectiveness in data analysis.

Solving the Bottlenecks of Online Databases with PolarDB-X

To support users' demands for high-concurrency transactions and complex online queries, PolarDB-X upgraded and released two new enterprise features: HTAP (Hybrid Transaction and Analytical Process) and global secondary indexes (GSIs.) This service is based on cloud-native technology and focuses on solving the bottlenecks of online databases

Based on the cloud-native architecture that decouples computing from storage, PolarDB-X can support tens of millions of concurrent requests and PB-level storage. The new HTAP feature covers highly concurrent real-time transactions and some online data analysis and processing scenarios at the same time, ensuring data consistency and real-time performance in complex online queries. Compared with traditional centralized databases, the efficiency of online transactions and complex online queries can be improved up to 10 times.

PolarDB-X provides another new feature, GSIs. This feature supports multidimensional sharding and transparent distributed sharding. It can meet the requirement of sharding queries of different dimensions. The overall processing efficiency is improved by a hundred times compared with the previous feature, which reduces the database usage costs.

In addition, PolarDB for MySQL is the only cloud-native relational database in the world that supports all MySQL "active" versions (5.6, 5.7, and 8.0.) With the global database network (GDN), you can use implement global system deployment with zero code modifications. With the "computing package" and "storage package" capabilities, ApsaraDB for PolarDB allows you to achieve a balanced economy and flexibility, you can enjoy the flexible resource usage experience like water and electricity billing.

MyBase Cluster Integrates Hosted and Self-Built Clusters

To better meet the requirements of diversified users, Alibaba Cloud has launched a solution to migrate databases to the cloud that is optimized for enterprise customers' ApsaraDB for MyBase. It supports database engines, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and Redis. Based on existing cloud database services, ApsaraDB for MyBase provides the advantages of low-cost and self-maintenance. ApsaraDB for MyBase provides services, such as cloud resource exclusive, resource overallocation, resource scheduling, opening up some databases, and Operating System (OS) permissions.

Databases Enter the Cloud-Native Distributed Era


As an important part of digital transformation, databases have entered the cloud-native distributed era. The cloud-native distributed database matrix fully utilizes the elastic and distributed advantages of the cloud platform. Based on resource pooling, elastic expansion, intelligent O & M, and online and offline integration, it meets the core requirements of enterprises for burst traffic, cost reduction, and efficiency improvement, and helps users achieve digital transformation and upgrade in a more agile, intelligent, and cost-effective way.

It is understood that the ApsaraDB users cover many leading enterprises in the fields of finance, manufacturing, retail, aviation, logistics, government affairs, including China Post, China Southern Airlines, Haier, and Midea. ApsaraDB helps customers achieve digital transformation and upgrades. Currently, Alibaba Cloud ranks first in the cloud database market in the Asia Pacific. More than 100,000 enterprise users choose ApsaraDB services, and more than 400,000 database instances have been migrated to Alibaba Cloud.

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