Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Launches Cloud Box - Extending Public Cloud Services to Local Devices

Alibaba Cloud Launches Cloud Box - Extending Public Cloud Services to Local Devices

This articles gives an overview about Alibaba Cloud's "Cloud Box", launched at the Apsara Conference 2020, and discusses its benefits.

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By Alibaba Cloud ECS

On September 18, at the Apsara Conference 2020 held in Hangzhou, Alibaba Cloud announced the launch of Cloud Box. Based on the proprietary X-Dragon architecture, Cloud Box integrates the cutting-edge technologies of computing, storage, and networking to provide users with a fully managed cloud service that combines software with hardware for local deployment. For users who need to deploy their business in local data centers, Cloud Box provides the same experience as Alibaba Cloud's public cloud.

Image: Jiang Jiangwei (Alibaba partner, Senior Fellow of Cloud Infrastructure, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence) is announcing the release of Cloud Box.

Migration to the cloud has become a trend in various industries, especially with the rapid development of big data, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and other technologies. Most companies regard digital transformation as a priority strategy. However, due to the requirements of compliance, bandwidth, latency, and cost, some enterprises are deploying some of their business in local data centers, but they also want to obtain the same benefits of low costs, elasticity, and agility as provided by the public cloud.

Cloud Box was created to solve this problem. Based on the X-Dragon architecture, Cloud Box provides users with the same cloud product experience as provided by the public cloud. At the same time, through the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Cloud Box facilitates the integration of applications deployed on the premises with other local applications or cloud services. Compared with the on-premises data centers, features of Cloud Box, such as on-demand ordering and pay-as-you-go billing, are provided to help users save the one-time investment of offline user-owned IDCs and avoid the cost of idle capacity caused by low device utilization.

X-Dragon Architecture: The Computing Power Experience of the Next Generation

The X-Dragon architecture is a hardware-software integrated computing architecture developed by Alibaba Cloud. This architecture helps users obtain computing capabilities superior to those of traditional physical machines. Based on the "X-Dragon architecture", Cloud Box provides users with an elastic scaling service in on-premises data centers, high-performance computing capabilities, and excellent I/O performance. Meanwhile, by using Alibaba Cloud's proprietary network devices, users can connect cloud box to local IT facilities to meet ultra-low latency network demands.

Cloud Box provides all types of elastic computing instances, databases, security, container services, and other products. Cloud Box ensures that instance version upgrades, security vulnerabilities, and patch upgrades are synchronized with the public cloud. Users can immediately have access to the latest products and features available on the public cloud.

Security Compliance: Enterprise-Level Network Isolation

Security compliance is one of the important reasons for enterprises to deploy their business in local data centers. Users can deploy Cloud Box in local data centers and store their data locally. The enterprise-level network isolation is achieved through the seamless interconnection between the VPC and the public cloud. Therefore, applications can be accessed over an internal network, which meets the regulatory requirements of customers from special industries.

Fast Delivery: The Local Experience Is Consistent With the Experience on the Public Cloud

Based on the capabilities of Alibaba Cloud's public cloud, Cloud Box provides a fully managed cloud service that integrates software and hardware deployment locally. Users can enjoy the same stable experience and SLA services provided by the public cloud without the need for their own maintenance.

Enterprises have changed their computing requirements from "full scenario coverage" to "ubiquitous location". Alibaba Cloud offers full-scenario coverage to cover "cloud, edge, and end" computing and has launched a series of new product deployment and operation forms. In the future, Alibaba Cloud will extend the public cloud to a broader space and work with its customers to get ready for the upcoming edge computing and 5G era.

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