Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Is Recognized in the Gartner Market Guide for Collaborative Work Management, 2021

Alibaba Cloud Is Recognized in the Gartner Market Guide for Collaborative Work Management, 2021

This article discusses Alibaba Cloud's latest accolades from Gartner.

Recently, Gartner, the international authoritative consulting organization, officially released the 2021 “Market Guide for Collaborative Work Management” research report. Alibaba Cloud DingTalk was the only recognized Chinese company and has become China's first Representative Vendor for its product solution DingTalk.

The report pointed out that collaborative work management, which combines tasks, projects, and workflows with tools (such as dialogue, analysis, and dashboards), has become an important component of digital work methods, and it will accelerate business-oriented democratization of delivery. This is also a key element of the digital transformation of enterprises.

An excerpt from the report stated, “Emerging Market but Growing Fast: Larger Deployments Doubled in Last 12 Months. Deployments for more than 500 users have almost doubled from 14% to 26.4%, while deployments of between 100 and 500 users have also increased from 19.9% to 34%.” This also shows that collaborative work management tools are being used in a wide range of business scenarios.

The Distribution of the Scale of Collaborative Work Management Users | Source: Gartner “Market Guide for Collaborative Work Management” Report

Teambition is a low-threshold collaboration tool that provides professional project collaboration and task management products. With its high-quality user experience and product reputation, Teambition has been selected by users in 38 industries, including well-known companies such as Himalaya, Fosun Group, Qipai, and Sunmi Technology.

Task and project collaboration have become an indispensable part of remote offices. Gartner pointed out that users expect to be able to integrate collaborative work management tools with document storage and workflow collaboration technologies and applications that can associate data with each other.

Teambition has been fully integrated with DingTalk. Users can obtain its product capabilities through DingTalk. The integration of the two also provides new productivity tools for every user. The connection between Teambition and DingTalk, documents, approvals, and other products provides users with a lighter working method. Project progress can be connected to group chats directly. Documents created in project collaboration can be readily precipitated as knowledge, and the task flow is clear and transparent. All resources related to an event are gathered in one place.

We believe the report also shows that users are looking forward to using simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use tools in teams and projects. They expect to be able to evaluate teamwork in real-time based on roles or preferences through status summary, dashboards, and notification visualization.

Teambition provides a wealth of project management tools, and its users can select visual views, such as Kanban view, Gantt chart, table view, statistical view, and resource view, as needed. At the same time, in response to the different needs of different functions and industry users, it provides more than 40 industry templates, such as product development management, market team activity management, target management, and solidified business processes and lowered the threshold of project collaboration.

Just as computers were productivity tools in the PC era, DingTalk is creating new productivity tools for everyone in the mobile era. With the help of products, such as Teambition, documents, and DingTalk, companies can combine the digital technology from organization and business, release digital productivity, and realize the digitization of organization and business.

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